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What You Likely Never Noticed About Unser's Uniform In Sons Of Anarchy

When "Sons of Anarchy" premiered on FX in 2008, it catapulted the already respected network to the next level. FX had pushed its way into the scripted programming market with cult shows like "The Shield" and "Rescue Me." "Sons of Anarchy," though, exploded in a way few shows do. It was the rare adult drama that could win critical acclaim, bring in big ratings, and present franchise opportunities that are still being taken advantage of today. 

What was it that made "Sons of Anarchy" stand out? Maybe it was creator Kurt Sutter's no-apologies approach to his stories, maybe it was the bikes, maybe it was the stellar cast ... we could list a million reasons, and all could be true. What made "Sons of Anarchy" initially stand out the most though was the fact that Sutter and FX were inviting us into a world rarely seen on camera, especially in scripted television. 

Being a bike enthusiast himself, Sutter didn't throw up the typically Hollywoodized version of biker gangs. Sure, his show had Ron Perlman and a Brit pretending to be a California bad boy (Charlie Hunnam), but that just played to the poetic flare the writer liked to inject sprinkle over authenticity. That drive for an authentic core can be seen in every inch of the show, especially in the uniforms the characters wear, both good and bad. For instance, there is something about Wayne Unser's (Dayton Callie) uniform many might have missed.

Unser wears stars

Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) was not a member of the SAMCRO motorcycle club, but he was always described as a friend. It's also revealed that he most definitely still harbors romantic feelings for Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal), mother to Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and wife of Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), the two heads of the club. 

When we are first introduced to Unser, he is the Chief of the Charming Police Department. He plans on retiring, but changes course after the death of his second in command, David Hale (Taylor Sheridan). The Charming Police Department is later disbanded and Unser does retire, but he remains an ally to the club, even living in a trailer outside the shop where they work and meet. 

When Unser is the Chief, he wears a light brown police uniform like the rest of the Charming officers, but his is stacked with eight stars, four on each of his shirt collars. They are more than anyone else on the force and signify his rank as Chief. It's a detail taken from real life as it is how many police chiefs identify their rank (via Sun Sentinel). It's a detail that also makes Unser's journey even more unfortunate. While he was never the cleanest cop in the world while he was on the job, he cared for his town and the people under him — even Hale, who would clash with his boss about his relationship to the club early in the series.