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Godzilla Vs. Kong Was Supposed To Be A Completely Different Movie According To Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza González has had a meteoric rise to stardom. After starring in a slew of TV series and smaller films, she broke out into the mainstream with 2017's "Baby Driver." Since that time, she could be seen in a number of other properties, including some high-profile projects like "Alita: Battle Angel," "Hobbs & Shaw," and "Godzilla vs. Kong." 

However, her most recent film brings her to the world of Bayhem with "Ambulance," where she plays EMT Cam Thompson, who rides in the titular ambulance that ends up getting hijacked by Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Will Sharp (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). It's a high-octane adventure similar in vein to what audiences have seen out of the actress before, so it should come as no surprise to see her doing the press rounds to hype up the film.

But interviews are also an opportunity to look back at what an actor has done before. And in a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, she spoke about how her role in the monster epic, "Godzilla vs. Kong," was changed significantly.

Eiza González says her 'role completely changed' for Godzilla vs. Kong

When the topic of "Godzilla vs. Kong" comes up in the interview, González was quick to explain, "My role completely changed in that movie, for sure. A lot of the story got cut out and the story was completely changed, so it was a bummer because my character had a whole different storyline that went in different routes." She doesn't elaborate on what precisely was different or what her character was supposed to do in the original cut, but it's clear there's a story out there with more Maia Simmons in it. 

Ultimately, the film was called "Godzilla vs. Kong," so they apparently wanted more of the two main stars in the movie that bears their names. Fortunately, González doesn't hold a grudge against anyone for her truncated role. "I'm just grateful that I got to do a really fun movie," she stated. "I really enjoyed that shoot. I really enjoyed working with Adam [Wingard] and my cast. I love Legendary and Warners. So my experience was really good, but that's just par for the course, sometimes."

Still, at least González appeared in the movie in some capacity, unlike "Iron Fist" star Jessica Henwick, who was set to join the cast but whose character didn't make the final cut (via Games Radar). In the movie industry, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.