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This Is Where Wentworth Was Actually Filmed

The reboot of the Australian soap opera "Prisoner," "Wentworth" debuted in 2013 (via IMDb).

Like the original series, which aired for seven years until 1986, the show took a look at the trials and tribulations of incarcerated women. During a 2013 interview on "The Morning Show," Celia Ireland, who played Elizabeth "Liz" Birdsworth on "Wentworth," shared that both "Prisoner" and its reboot have multifaceted characters. She noted that the shows are unusual as most series do not spotlight the stories of complicated women.  

"It's still rare to have a cast of really strong women who are funny and flawed and it's a really fantastic thing to see that again after 30 years," Ireland explained. 

"Wentworth" amassed a dedicated fanbase that tuned into new episodes for nearly a decade. As with many long-running programs, new storylines and characters were often introduced throughout the show's eight seasons. The hit drama also changed its filming site following its third season, and here's where it moved. 

Wentworth was filmed in Australia

According to The Cinemaholic, the original "Wentworth" set was first built inside a warehouse found at 1408 Centre Rd, Clayton South, Victoria, Australia. The publication also reported after the first few seasons, a deal had been made to transform the storehouse into residential dwellings, which meant it was no longer a viable area to film. The show's production ended up choosing a different spot to set up shop about 20 miles away in Newport, Victoria. The "Wentworth" writers explained the new location within the context of the show by having the Wentworth Correctional Centre partially destroyed by a fire during Season 3, Episode 12. 

While filming a behind-the-scenes video for "Wentworth" Season 4, a producer for the later seasons, Pino Amenta, shared that the new filming location had previously been a technical and further education college. He also revealed the production crew had intended to shoot there "in the first [season], but it wasn't available." 

In the same video, Kevin Carlin, a director for "Wentworth" throughout the show's run, shared he found the new set confusing. He explained the Clayton South and Newport locations were relatively similar, despite having different dimensions. "I keep on getting lost in this new precinct, walking down corridors that I think that I know," Carlin said. 

Thankfully, he had several years left to get his bearings, as the new location was the primary set for the remainder of "Wentworth."