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The Curse Of Oak Island Spin-Off We Could See Once The Treasure Is Found

The discovery of hidden treasure and lost history on a Canadian island is the lifelong dream of Marty and Rick Lagina. Incredibly enthusiastic in their search, the Lagina brothers are the primary stars of the reality television show "The Curse of Oak Island." And although they and their compatriots have managed to find a few artifacts and anthropological items, they have yet to come across the notorious treasure that allegedly lies hidden somewhere on the island — though this has done little to blunt their efforts.

In fact, the Laginas and their team do not shy away from using any tool that is available to them. Members of the Oak Island Fellowship are skilled in disciplines like metal detecting, history, anthropology, geology, diving, and heavy machine operation. If there is a treasure or evidence for any of the theories surrounding the island, then it seems likely that they will be uncovered eventually. But that begs the question: What can fans of the show expect if the treasure actually is found?

The discovery of the Oak Island treasure could open new doors for the series

In an interview with Monsters and Critics, "The Curse of Oak Island" Executive Producer Joe Lessard was asked to weigh in on a hypothetical question. Interviewer April Neale wanted to know exactly what would happen with the show if the Laginas and their crew actually did uncover the treasure they've spent years searching for. Would it be business as usual, or is there the possibility of, as Neale specifically puts it, "an Al Capone's vault-type" spin-off event?

"Well, we're always looking at things from a different angle and a different point of view. And, they're [sic] just maybe some scenario where one of those options plays out," Lessard answered. And while he expressed confidence in the idea that the team would eventually come across the treasure they've been after, he didn't offer any specific ideas for how the show would handle the find, opting instead to say, "We'll just have to wait and see how we do it ..."

So, it sounds as though production is keeping their options open for how they would continue "The Curse of Oak Island" in the event that the fabled treasure is actually found. But it does sound like if the Laginas fulfill their dream, fans of the show would get to see an entirely new and different chapter of the series.