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The Karate Kid Scene That Went Too Far

If there are franchises that have laughed in the face of realism, then "Cobra Kai" has now reached a full-blown cackle. The Netflix series that has expanded on the "Miyagi-verse" has now surpassed its fourth season, and we've seen it commit to having karate students in high-school brawls and kids climb inside a cement mixer as a training method — and we loved it. Everything has to have a beginning, though, and this level of madness has only been reached thanks to the first punch thrown all the way back in 1984.

It may well be a great underdog story, but "The Karate Kid" is a bit of a wild story when you take a step back and look at it (not to surrender, of course). But while the debate of the final round and that crane kick may still rage on, there's one scene in Ralph Macchio's debut as Daniel LaRusso that was as far-fetched back then as it is now. Incredibly, the blame doesn't fall on the borderline cartoonish Cobra Kai villains but on Daniel's wise sensei, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita).

The bottle slicing scene is still absolutely ridiculous

Following the epic montage that sees Daniel learn the way of the crane, he and his teacher are hassled by two racist old drunks that look better suited on a hunting trip than on the beach. Miyagi kindly requests that the goon remove his empty beer bottles resting on his car, only to be told to "kindly do it" himself, which he does by chopping through them and slicing off their necks, leading the racist stranger to clean up and move on.

While it's a solid effort to show just how much of a boss Mr. Miyagi is, the whole scene really crosses the line into the unbelievable. We know Mr. Miyagi is a badass, as proven on several occasions already, but it's clear that these aren't really glass bottles, and it's hardly intimidating to smash glass that may well scratch your car in the process. In the lesson of there being no bad students, only bad teachers, there may also be bad scenes that could've been given the chop instead.