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The Worst Serial Killer On CSI Season 8

From 2000 to 2015, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" put out episodes with storylines that were as ominous as they were entertaining. In the realm of police procedural dramas, "CSI" is top tier. A team of specially trained, highly intelligent forensic scientists takes on the daunting task of solving some of Las Vegas, Nevada's most grisly crimes.

Each episode brings with it a reminder that there are dark parts of even the most brightly lit places, and not everyone can be trusted. Some episodes may be difficult to watch for some viewers because the murders and crime scenes can be hard to stomach at some points throughout the series.

Any serial killer is someone better avoided, but the ones in "CSI" seem to take it to another level. Even still, there are several that seem to be just a bit worse than the rest. The worst serial killer in Season 8 has a storyline, motive, and style that are so elaborate that they span multiple episodes and even multiple seasons.

The Miniature Killer left Sara to die in the Nevada desert

Season 8 of "CSI" wastes no time getting right to the most twisted and horrifying serial killer of the season. In the season premiere episode, "Dead Doll," Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) is missing after having been kidnapped by Natalie Davis (Jessica Ann Collins), also known as "the Miniature Killer." Natalie kidnaps Sara at the end of Season 7 because of her deranged vendetta against Gil Grissom (William Petersen), who at this point has an established romantic relationship with Sara.

Natalie creates a miniature diorama of the crime scene she plans to take Sara to and leaves it in Grissom's office. The model depicts Sara in a pit hidden beneath an old car. Grissom quickly discovers that with heavy desert rains approaching, the pit will fill and drown Sara. However, Sara does make it out of the pit and is left with no choice but to wander the harsh and hot Nevada desert in search of anyone who can help her. She is later found by Nick (George Eads) nearly dead.

Natalie's twisted mind caused her to turn murder into an art project

Sarah isn't the first member of the team to be a victim of the Miniature Killer. In a previous episode, in an attempt to save a potential victim, the team swaps out the person in danger with an agent, who is then killed by way of carbon monoxide poisoning. Natalie had left a miniature to be found that appeared to depict suffocation but unfortunately, had actually set a carbon monoxide trap to poison the target.

The way Natalie takes the time to create an entire miniature version of her crime scenes down to every last detail, including pictures, the vehicle makes and models, and surrounding vegetation, means that she is absolutely committed to her atrocities and almost turns it into a disturbing art. Her sinister mind and desire to hurt Grissom by any means necessary causes Sara to be a pawn in a game fit for a horror movie and nearly costs her her life.