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Morgan's Worst Choice On Criminal Minds

Police procedural dramas have a firm grip on viewers that spans decades and don't seem to be letting up soon. As a result, there is a multitude of shows to choose from. However, "Criminal Minds" has become something of a household name since it first aired in 2005.

The series follows a team of highly trained and intelligent criminal profilers as they move to solve some of the darkest and most complex crimes committed. Part of what's made the show such a success is its characters. Each gives something specific that viewers can relate to, whether it's a unique quirk or an emotional backstory.

Despite being well-liked by viewers and borderline superheroes in the show, the profiling team consists of humans, and as humans, none of the characters are perfect. Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) is a popular character on the show, which showcases strong character development throughout the series. However, there have been a few instances in which his choices were seen as less than favorable by viewers.

Morgan decides to be a terrible friend to Garcia when she needs him most

Derek Morgan is still a popular part of "Criminal Minds" even though he left the team at the end of Season 11 to be with his family. Morgan's good-hearted and quick-thinking characteristics make him likable, though sometimes he might lack empathy for his fellow agents.

In Season 9, Episode 24, "Demons," when Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is distraught over feeling like she has to visit the man she shot on death row and seeking a friend with an empathetic ear, Morgan not only doesn't deliver but also makes matters worse. As Redditor u/No_Seesaw_5789 points out, "The way he treated Garcia when she had PTSD from shooting the guy was so wrong. She was literally having PTSD and he straight[-]up starting [sic] belittling her emotions."

While Morgan is certainly allowed to have his own feelings on the matter, he decides to give his friend the cold shoulder in her time of need. In fact, he doesn't seem to have any change of heart until the end of the episode. As u/Xanariel points out on the same Reddit thread, "It was nice that he showed up at the end, but it didn't really erase an entire episode of Garcia desperately needing some emotional support from him and finding none." Ultimately, snubbing his friend in her darkest hour was a terrible choice on his part.