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This Is Where Schitt's Creek Was Actually Filmed

"Schitt's Creek" took the world by storm in the late 2010s, emerging as one of the most popular shows of the decade. Though the series was slow to draw eyeballs and debuted to minimal fanfare even in its native Canada, the Rose family's exploits in the small town of Schitt's Creek gained considerable popularity, thanks to previous seasons gaining traction on Netflix (via Vulture).

The sitcom, created by father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, went on to make Emmy history in 2020, becoming the first program to win four major acting awards in any category.

The CBC half-hour comedy series focuses on the once-wealthy Rose family who now has nothing to their name except the rural town of Schitt's Creek, which they once purchased as a joke. Down on their luck and out of their element, the snobby Rose clan eventually makes the most out of their situation, growing as individuals and as a family, realizing that there's more to life than financial spoils.

The majority of the show takes place in the quiet and humble town of Schitt's Creek, which is low on luxury amenities but big on hearts. Seeing as the series is Canadian and features a Canadian leading cast, audience members won't be surprised to know that the series was filmed in the Great White North.

Schitt's Creek was filmed in Toronto and its surrounding areas

Seeing as Dan and Eugene Levy, as well as Catherine O'Hara, hail from the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, the hit CBC series was filmed in and around Toronto (via Toronto Star). Interior scenes for the sitcom were shot at Pinewood Toronto Studios, where "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" was also filmed. Interior shots were also filmed at Revival Studios and Dufferin Gate Studios, studios within the Greater Toronto Area.

As for the town of Schitt's Creek itself, filming took place in the town of Goodwood, Ontario, which is just north of Toronto (via CBC). Some of the show's most iconic locations are in Goodwood, such as Rose Apothecary, Cafe Tropical, Bob's Garage, and the Town Hall.

The Rosebud Motel, which houses the Rose family, is located in Orangeville, which is just a short drive northwest of Toronto. The motel was also used in "The Umbrella Academy" (per Dan Levy on Twitter), which is also filmed in Toronto and the city of Hamilton.

As a Canadian production, it's no surprise that the series was filmed in and around one of the country's biggest cities. Since the series grew in popularity, Goodwood and the motel in Orangeville have become hot spots for fans of the show, who continue to flock to the area to spot their favorite locations.