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48% Of Bridgerton Fans Say This Is Their Favorite Bridgerton Family Member

Netflix has totally won over its subscribers with the dramatic, oftentimes steamy, period series "Bridgerton." Created by Chris Van Dusen and based on Julia Quinn's novels, the show follows the lives of London's most elite members of society who are part of the ton. The show centers around courtships, secret romances, family dynamics, and more, all while its central characters attend balls and other extravagant events. "Bridgerton" may be about the frivolous drama during the Regency era, but it also tackles modern-day topics like gender dynamics and class. 

The show gets its name from the central family, namely the eight children of Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell), the widow of Edmund Bridgerton. Her children of various ages are all approaching marriage age and making their own entrances into the high society. While each child is equally important to the "Bridgerton" story, fans of the Shonda Rhimes-produced series have a clear favorite among the bunch. 

Eloise is the favorite Bridgerton child

Out of Violet's tribe of eight, Reddit users voted that Eloise (Claudia Jessie) was their favorite "Bridgerton" family member (via /r/BridgertonNetflix). The independent middle child received 528 of the total votes, totally outnumbering her siblings. It's not a shock that Eloise has rose in the ranks after "Bridgerton" Season 2. Fans see her unenthusiastically make her social debut as she approaches courting age, even though boys and babies are the least of her worries. Eloise is much more interested in investigating Lady Whistledown, which ultimately leads to the end of her friendship with Penelope. 

Coming in second place as fans' favorite family member is Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) with 204 votes. The eldest daughter was pivotal to Season 1 of the show, mainly her star-crossed romance with Simon. Unlike Eloise, Daphne has always wanted to be a wife and mom. However, she's still a gentle heroine with a secret side that keeps fans interested in watching her story. 

The second oldest brother Benedict (Luke Thompson) came in third with 173 votes. He's the most similar to Eloise out of the older boys, so fans seem to like their independent nature. The oldest Bridgerton kid Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) received 85 votes and Colin (Luke Newton), the third oldest, got just 60 votes.