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Is There A New Young Sheldon Episode On Tonight? (April 7, 2022)

Like its predecessor "The Big Bang Theory," the spinoff "Young Sheldon" has nothing to worry about in terms of a long, healthy run on television — even given all the new competition from streaming services that its parent show didn't have to deal with in 2007.

Debuting in 2017, "Young Sheldon" follows the origin of child prodigy Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons on "The Big Bang Theory"), who also narrates his own childhood in small-town Medford, Texas. While young Sheldon (played by the adorable Iain Armitage) skips four grades to jump into the terrifying waters of high school at age nine, his family struggles to understand him — particularly his father, the football coach at his high school. His protective mom, twin sister, older brother, and sassy grandmother fill out his support system, even if they can't fully relate to him.

The show's ratings have been stellar right out of the gate, with TV Series Finale marking its debut at 17.209 million viewers, comparable to the 17.653 viewers of "The Big Bang Theory" that same night. While viewership dropped significantly after its premiere, Season 1 of "Young Sheldon" averaged 12.5 million viewers. Even now, in its fifth season, the series leads CBS's massive Thursday night comedy block with a 9.275 million viewer average (per Variety). Not bad considering today's hugely competitive television market — and it's already been renewed for seasons six and seven.

So the question on fans' minds is, is there a new episode of their favorite sitcom on April 7?

Young Sheldon fans will have to wait another week for new content

In a frustrating move for some "Young Sheldon" fans, CBS is making fans wait another week for the next new episode of the popular series. That's particularly unsatisfying given that the show came back on March 31 for only one episode — plugging up a plot hole from "The Big Bang Theory" in the process — after being off for two weeks, only to take another week-long break. What's up with that, CBS?

But fortunately, not only is there a new episode scheduled for April 14, but April 7 features not just one, but TWO reruns of the show. And as Variety reports, reruns of "Young Sheldon" often outrank new episodes of other comedy series, gaining higher ratings than other non-CBS comedies like "Abbott Elementary" and "Call Me Kat." This also solidifies creator Chuck Lorre's partial domination of the television landscape, particularly on CBS, as the creator or writer of many of its high-ranking sitcom including "The Big Bang Theory," "Young Sheldon," "United States of Al," "Mom," and "Two and a Half Men" (via IMDb).

April 7 will air two reruns of "Young Sheldon," both from early in Season 5. Episode 4, "Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room," will air in the show's regular 8 p.m. slot, while Episode 5, "Stuffed Animals and a Sweet Southern Syzygy," will air at 9 p.m (via CBS). Enjoy revisiting the old episodes as you remember what happened and ponder what might come next.