Malcolm McDowell Wants To Fund Walk Of Fame Star For George Romero

A new fundraising campaign is seeking to secure a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for maestro of horror George Romero, and the people behind it want your help.

Malcolm McDowell, of A Clockwork Orange, If..., and Star Trek Generations fame, is adding his voice to a campaign raising money to secure a star on the walk for Romero, the director of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Martin, and other classics, whose influence really can't be overstated. 

"George, as you know, influenced a lot of young filmmakers," McDowell—who has his own star on the Walk of Fame—said in his video for the fundraiser. "Really, a lot of young filmmakers have George to thank for their careers."

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an essential piece of kitschy Americana, 18 city blocks dedicated to the memory of over 2,600 stars from the entire history of motion pictures. Over 1,000 stars have been added to the walk since the Los Angeles-based installation was built in 1960, but a thorough look will show a lot of big names conspicuously missing. There's no Clint Eastwood star, for instance, nor one for Robert De Niro, among other major names. 

So what gives? Well, getting nominated for a star is one thing—and Romero was nominated, in 2016, not long before his death the following year. But actually securing a star takes more than a nomination—it takes money. As the organizers of the campaign note in their Indiegogo pitch, the fees for getting a star installed rise "well over $60,000".

"You know he was such a fine, fine man," McDowell said. "A beautiful man, a great friend of mine, and also a great artist, and very deserving to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in fact long overdue." 

McDowell has previously spoken fondly of Romero following the death of the director, when he lauded "a beautiful poetic element" about Romero's films. "They are not merely escapist films," the actor said. "There's something deeper to them."

You can contribute to the campaign here, and put Romero's work in the broader zombie context with our look at the best zombie movies you've never heard of.