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The Curse Of Oak Island Member Fans Are Getting Tired Of Seeing

Inspired by an article in Reader's Digest, brothers Marty and Rick Lagina have been hunting for treasure on History's "The Curse of Oak Island" for years. Turning over every stone and exploring every nook and cranny, the Laginas believe that the titular small, remote island off the coast of Canada is actually a secret repository of long-lost goods and artifacts and, as such, they require several different types of skills and knowledge. Over the course of nine seasons (to date), these popular reality television stars have brought in a diverse repertoire of allies as they look for the mysterious, fabled treasure of Oak Island.

The "Curse of Oak Island" team has developed into one comprised of history buffs, metal detecting experts, archaeologists, anthropologists, and heavy machinery operators. This group, who've come together in support of the Lagina brothers' dream to find this historic motherlode, consists of several notable figures. One of the team members is Billy Gerhardt, the stoic operator of many of the industrial-grade vehicles brought on to excavate different locations on the island. Another is Gary Drayton, a colorful addition to the cast and an incredibly optimistic professional metal detector. Other members include Fred Nolan, Dave Blankenship, Doug Crowell, Laird Niven, and Steve Guptil.

Considering how long "The Curse of Oak Island" has been on the air, it seems one character has recently started to really grate on some fans. As a result, they have taken to Reddit to express their opinions about this person.

Fans are getting sick of Gary Drayton

In February, Redditor u/Mysterious_Quit5314 kicked off a discussion about the most tiresome member of "The Curse of Oak Island" with a post titled "So tired of Gary," referring to Gary Drayton. They stated, "Every episode he says 'today's (or 'this is the year') we find the treasure.' His excitement over finding wood is sad since his job is finding metals. I don't deny he has done great things on his own, but he is a caricature of himself now."

The post caused an immediate response from fellow r/OakIsland members. Reddit user u/Terrible_Tutor agreed, replying, "I binged the show over the last couple [of] weeks. Like 70% on fast forward. Couldn't give half a s*** about another hoof, spike, or button Gary segment. He's charismatic for sure, but the entire show is just a Gary metal detector show at this point (especially the last Covid season)."

Others chimed in with their agreement. U/10InTheSun said that people should watch Drayton on "Civil War Gold" to realize that he will say anything that is put in front of him. Elsewhere, u/WoofArted said Gary's parts on "Oak Island" are starting to make them think that his finds are artificially planted. Redditor u/Significant_Total321 joked, " Gary is an alchemist who transforms GOLD into wood," seemingly poking fun at his role on the show. Reddit user u/SleepyDriveThru finished the conversation by saying, "I blame the editors for overkill on the zingers and one-liners. It puts Gary in this naive light that is almost childish/jester," but added that the show wouldn't be the same without him. 

Judging by these comments, it seems like some fans of "Oak Island" would prefer the focus of the show not to hone in on Drayton as much because his theatrics are starting to fall flat.