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The Moon Knight Episode 2 Scene That Fans Think Is Unwatchable

The following article contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 2.

Marvel fans have practically always had something to obsess over for the past year. 2021 saw the release of four feature-length films as well as a slew of original series debuting on Disney+. As a result, viewers went pretty immediately from "WandaVision" to "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" to "Loki," and so on and so forth. Right now, the show everyone's talking about is arguably the most brutal project Marvel has come out with on the streaming platform, "Moon Knight."

Only two episodes have come out so far, but by and large, the show's a massive hit. It's earned a ton of critical praise, particularly when it comes to lead Oscar Isaac's performance as Steven Grant and Marc Spector. The show has everything fans have come to expect out of a Marvel property with excellent action set pieces and well-placed humor. 

But no show is perfect, and there's one aspect of Episode 2 that has some viewers scratching their heads.

What was with that freeze frame?

After Steven Grant secures Marc Spector's bag from the storage facility, he gets a visit from Khonshu, who's adamant he does not relinquish any of the items in the bag. This leads to Steven unleashing a terrifying scream, at which point the screen freezes for a moment with a slight zoom-in on Steven's face. Afterward, it cuts back to the action with Steven running into the street, but some fans just haven't been able to let that freeze-frame go. 

In a Reddit discussion thread of the episode, u/mlc15 kicked off a whole conversation about that scene that lasts a little over a second, saying simply, "Lmao where he screams??" Many people apparently thought it was an issue with the streaming platform itself, with one user writing, "Yeah, I thought my D+ glitched out, I was so confused." Another user thought the freeze-frame technique was reminiscent of something director Sam Raimi would pull off in one of his films, an apt descriptor seeing how Raimi's entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."

Regardless, the common consensus is that it was just odd, with u/The_Celtic_Chemist chiming in with, "It was certainly an odd choice. One, after watching twice, certainly didn't work. Doesn't break the show or anything, but it was a bad choice." Disney+ has been known for changing its shows after they come out, so perhaps it's possible it will alter the moment at some point. Even if it doesn't, fans aren't likely to forget the beat any time soon.