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The Steven And Layla Theory That Moon Knight Fans Are Absolutely Loving

Contains minor spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 2

Viewers with prior knowledge of Marvel superhero Moon Knight — including those who merely kept up with previews for the Disney+ series of the same name prior to its release — are well aware that Moon Knight is the super-powered alter ego of a CIA agent named Marc Spector. For the entirety of "Moon Knight" Episode 1, however, series lead Oscar Isaac doesn't portray Marc, but an alternate personality of his named Steven Grant.

Episode 2 introduces viewers to Marc for the first time, though his personality is suppressed and only situationally consulted by Steven for the time being. Steven, meanwhile, debuts his own superhero persona named Mr. Knight. Also properly appearing for the first time in Episode 2 is Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy), Marc's wife.

When Layla meets Steven, she's unaware of and confused by the fact that he's an alternate personality of Marc's. That said, in an online discussion about Episode 2, one user shared their thoughts about an implicit connection between Layla and Steven, opening up a conversation about the value and importance of their link.

Fans are interested in Layla's influence on Steven

In a Reddit discussion thread for "Moon Knight" Season 1, Episode 2, user Phantom_Cavalier shared that they think "the implication that Steven is borrowing personality traits from Marc's wife is both beautiful and very somber." This is in reference to the fact that Steven reveals that he can recite a poem by the 19th century writer Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, someone that Layla happens to revere. Marc, then, seems to have subconsciously imbued his alternate persona with characteristics meant to appeal to his wife — from whom, as revealed in Episode 2, he's currently estranged, seemingly for her own protection.

Reddit user whereismymind86 replied to this comment pointing out Steven's link to Layla by proposing that "if Steven is made up of all the things that Marc thinks define a good person...him adapting his wife's personality traits is...kind of beautiful." User dolladollaclinton then responded, "Steven is an embodiment of Marc's guilt and is all the things he is ashamed that he isn't. He talks to his mom, he likes Layla's favorite poet, he's a vegan, he's a quiet peaceful guy." In a reply to that comment, user luthfins characterized Marc's predicament as sad, given that he's separated from his wife while imbuing an alternate personality of his with characteristics meant entirely for her.

How Steven's affinity for Layla's interests might affect her relationship with Marc may well be a significant plot point as "Moon Knight" continues in the coming weeks.