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The Moon Knight Episode 2 Moment That Had Fans Cracking Up

The following article contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 2.

Going into the latest Marvel series on Disney+, "Moon Knight," fans were expecting something more brutal than what had come before. "WandaVision" and "Loki" had ample fight scenes, but "Moon Knight" promised to be even bigger and better than what fans had seen before on the platform. Even Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige suggested the show would be more brutal than what audiences had seen before, but as fans have come to expect out of Marvel, not everything can be all doom and gloom. 

Marvel properties are known just as much for their senses of humor as their action sequences, and while "Moon Knight" certainly has its share of profound moments, it knows when to give into levity. This was on full display in the first episode, particularly when everyone in the village knelt except Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), who could only respond with a simple, "Oh, bollocks." Episode 2 had plenty of humorous moments, and there's one joke fans have enjoyed a great deal.

Fans love Steven's directness

Episode 2 of "Moon Knight" is all about deepening the audience's understanding of Steven Grant and his alternate personalities, as well as Arthur Harrow's (Ethan Hawke) motivations for seeking out the scarab. The two even have an intriguing conversation about their differing ideologies, and while it offers a lot for viewers to chew on, it also gives us a chance to see Steven crack a joke. 

On a Reddit discussion thread of the most recent episode, u/JakeM917 mentions, "Steven may be meek and quiet, but his absolute irreverence towards Arthur cracks me up." To demonstrate this, they point to the joke Steven made when Arthur says how Ammit would be willing to kill a child if that child was destined to do something horrible as an adult. Steven then states, "You're all into that? Killing kids? Because, I mean maybe that's just me, but I draw the line at child murder."

Others, such as u/Briar_Kinsley1, found something different to appreciate in the interaction, "I thought when he spoke against Arthur, those quipping remarks were like talking back to a parent figure." If there's one thing everyone seems to be in agreement about, it's that Steven's a pretty wholesome guy who got caught up in an impossible scenario. Mark Spector may have assumed control of his body, but hopefully, this isn't the last time we see Steven's humor on display.