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Donnie Wahlberg Breaks His Silence On Blue Bloods Season 13

The police and family drama "Blue Bloods" has been a fixture on CBS Friday nights since its premiere in 2010. The show centers on the professional and personal crises faced by the Reagan family, a multi-generational group made up largely of New York City police officers. Tom Selleck stars as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan and Len Cariou plays his retired father, Henry. Donnie Wahlberg is Frank's brash and outspoken detective son Danny, while Bridget Moynahan and Will Estes round out the main cast as Assistant District Attorney Erin and NYPD patrol officer Jamie. 

Season 12 of the long-running series has been a hit with fans, with every episode earning at least a 7.7 rating from IMDb reviewers, and more than half the season's episodes topping 8.0. The show's ratings have been strong as well, with recent episodes coming in with the most viewers of any Friday night broadcast for a network show (via TV Series Finale). At least some of this success can no doubt be attributed to the show's complex characters. Danny's sarcastic wisecracks and tough-guy police tactics, for instance, make him both entertaining and controversial

Now that Season 12 is nearly finished, should fans expect to see the Reagans return for another installment? Well, Wahlberg himself has addressed that very question. 

Donnie Wahlberg expressed hope for a Season 13, but gave no official word

With its longevity and popularity, "Blue Bloods" would seem like a lock for renewal for a 13th season. But the network and the show's stars have been surprisingly silent about the series' future — until Donnie Wahlberg took to Instagram last weekend. In his post, Wahlberg announced, "That's a wrap on [Blue Bloods] season 12! Makes this [Blue Bloods Friday] a little more special. Thanks to all who have supported, and continue to support, me and my TV Family. Enjoy the show tonight, and the next few weeks! Then hopefully, we're on to season 13 (god willing)!" 

While there still has been no official determination from the network about the show's future, "Blue Bloods" has the ratings momentum to justify keeping it on the air, and it would be hard to imagine CBS taking away one of its cornerstone shows so long as the main actors are willing to continue. Perhaps others will follow with their own hopeful announcements, but for now, Wahlberg carries the renewal flag for his fellow cast members.