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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Easter Egg You Missed In Moon Knight Episode 2

It's "Moon Knight" season, and Episode 2 ("Summon the Suit") has landed. After an incredible debut episode, the new Disney+ series followed it up with another stunner. While "The Goldfish Problem" gave us just a tease of Moon Knight's suit, Episode 2 served it on a silver platter. Most of this came during the street fight scene when Steven and Marc fight the summoned jackal (werewolf?), and we saw both the Mr. Knight and Moon Knight suits.

That fight sequence was certainly thrilling, especially since it looked like the antihero was fighting a ghost for most of the battle. There was so much to focus on during the back-and-forth that it was easy to miss a major Easter egg hiding in the background. That's really how Marvel Studios does it anyway, right? "Moon Knight" isn't giving us too much regarding former MCU properties, but we did get a taste of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" in this scene.

Moon Knight Episode 2 features a Falcon and Winter Soldier organization

If you're an MCU Easter egg hunter, you know how important it is to pay attention to the background. Usually, fun throwbacks or nods to the source material are hidden in numbers — there's a fun "Werewolf by Night" Easter egg in Episode 2 — but sometimes the words are written out. After Steven (Oscar Isaac) relinquishes control to Marc, Mr. Knight becomes Moon Knight, and the jackal takes a severe beating. During the outfit change, we get a better glimpse at the double-decker bus that Mr. Knight was thrown up against.

The advertisement on the bus is for the Global Repatriation Council — aka the GRC. "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" fans should remember this organization well. It was introduced in the series but was created before it began. The GRC is meant to help those who were blipped acclimate to life after being snapped back into existence. Refugees displaced by the Blip weren't happy with the GRC, which set to deport those displaced to their countries of origin whether they wanted to or not. Without the GRC, the Flag Smashers probably never would have been created.

While we're not sure where "Moon Knight" fits into the timeline of the MCU, this Easter egg lets us know it's definitely post-Blip.