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The Antique That Still Haunts American Pickers Star Mike Wolfe

For anyone who's had an interest in discovering buried treasure, "American Pickers" is about as close as you're going to get on television. For over a decade, the program has followed Mike Wolfe as he travels across the United States looking for his next big score. He'll go through people's houses, sheds, and garages to see what collectibles await him. For the majority of its run, Wolfe had Frank Fritz by his side to help him scour every yard from California to Maine, and even though Fritz was fired, Wolfe usually has someone else by his side to help him sort through the junk. 

Regardless of who Wolfe has teamed up with, audiences can expect the same basic format one episode after the next. Wolfe and his partner find something of value, Wolfe makes an offer on it, and a deal's either made or not made. When the latter happens, it can hit the picker harder than viewers realize. 

Wolfe's heartbroken when he can't buy a rare bike

In an interview with Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine, Wolfe spoke at length about "American Pickers" and the various adventures he and Fritz had. When the interview took place, the guys were still relatively new to having their own TV show, but they had already amassed plenty of experiences that stuck with them. 

When asked about any items that haunted Wolfe that he couldn't get, the picker responded, "Motorcycles, some early stuff I found; 70% of the stuff I find, I can't buy. It is not for sale." Anyone who's watched a fair amount of "American Pickers" can attest to how some of these homeowners have grown attached to their valuables and are unwilling to part with them regardless of how much money Wolfe offers. 

However, there's one item, in particular, Wolfe couldn't get over: "A pre-1915 bike haunts me. That's what keeps me on the road." Wolfe has gone on plenty of picks since that interview took place, so hopefully, he's managed to buy other bikes that helped scratch that itch he had.