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Star-Lord Reveals A Secret Power In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Gag Reel

The reason that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies work as well as they do has very little to do with them being great space opera, and everything to do with the winning charm of its characters and cast. After all, these were characters that were all-but-unknown before they took the world by storm during their first adventure in 2014.

This gag reel, released to coincide with the arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 on home video, shows the reluctant galactic do-gooders smirking and shuffling their way through some of the movie's biggest setpieces, including one in which Chris Pratt's Peter "Star-Lord" Quill blows off the blowhard Sovereign leader Ayesha with an aside about his own DNA manipulation skills through a power that he calls... well, watch the video.

Throughout the brief clips, viewers also get to see Kurt Russell in character as Ego macking on a revolving door of alien honeys, Star-Lord and Gamora's unexpected dance moves, and a look at how Russell could apparently never get Star-Lord's name right during the shoot. 

Overall, they just make shooting the movie so fun, but that's probably going to happen when you take what was probably 200,000 combined man-hours of work and condense it down into about a minute. Either way, even though it's not coming out anytime soon, we're more hype for the third Guardians adventure than ever. 

Check out the gag reel above, and get excited for the next few MCU movies with our rundown on the untold truth of the Infinity Gems.