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The Legend Of Zelda Easter Egg You Likely Missed In Rick & Morty

"Rick & Morty" is an animated series about a chaotic, dysfunctional family breaking literally every rule science fiction ever created. Dan Harmon's infamous writing style is rather polarizing, to say the least, so there's a solid chance that you'll have a strong opinion about the show, even if you haven't seen it. Of course, to some, the show is as known for having a certain type of fanbase, as well as courting controversy from time to time. But for many, it is simply one of the most engaging cartoons around.

Controversies aside, "Rick & Morty" showcases an impressive array of legitimate authorial forethought, as well as a number of references for any kind of fan to enjoy. With five seasons of content packed to bursting with information, it's entirely possible that you've missed something along the way. Fortunately, Redditors like u/-_Kilgore_- are sharing their personal finds for the rest of us to add to our lists of "Rick & Morty" Easter eggs.

Morty Has The Master Sword (Sort Of)

On their Reddit thread, u/-_Kilgore_- posted a screengrab from the Season 3 intro clip, where Rick is ... shopping for a new Morty, we guess? As he holds two options aloft, the left Morty, encased in plastic like an action figure, comes packaged with a sword that might look familiar to fans of the "Legend Of Zelda" franchise.

"Has anyone ever noticed the hidden easter egg that references Skyward Sword (Zelda)?!," asked u/-_Kilgore_-. In the comments, they further explain the reason they chose to single out "Skyward Sword", as opposed to mentioning the entire series, is because the sword most resembles that game's iteration of the blade. They do go on to concede, however, that it could just as easily be Master Sword that appears in "The Wind Waker."

Considering that "Rick & Morty" did an entire bit in the Season 2 episode "Total Rickall" about buying limited edition Zelda themed Nintendo 3DS-es at Wal-Mart that ended with Rick breaking the fourth wall to say "Nintendo, give me free stuff," the blatant Master Sword imagery is hardly surprising. It's pretty cool, though.