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Rick And Morty Boss Finally Addresses The Fan Backlash Over Season 5

The two-part "Rick and Morty" Season 5 finale was dramatic, to say the least. Let's recap the events quickly: Evil Morty broke out of the Central Infinite Curve and escaped through a golden portal, which will undoubtedly have some serious ramifications on the multiverse moving forward. Elsewhere, Rick finally revealed the truth about his wife's death following years of fan theories, suspicions, and constant questions. Basically, he confirmed what most viewers knew all along, but that didn't make it any less upsetting.

While the finale opened up a world of new possibilities and gave fans some closure regarding Rick's tragic backstory, the season as a whole wasn't the most positively received among the show's passionate fan base. However, the criticisms have been heard by showrunner Scott Marder, who addressed them in a recent interview while also discussing his plans for the future. Will he be taking the concerns on board as he and his team map out the future of "Rick and Morty?"

Expect more continuity in Rick and Morty moving forward

While speaking to the Interdimensional RSS podcast (per Digital Spy), Scott Marder addressed fan concerns about the show's lack of attention to detail and canon in the latest season. According to the "Rick and Morty" boss, the creative team is busy focusing on the future of the show, and while he didn't share any details about planned storylines, he did state that they intend to make the storytelling a little more focused.

"We ourselves, even before [Season 5] aired, were like 'Oh it would be fun to give things a little bit more continuity, make things feel like they're not so standalone.' Which feels to me like the big note that I feel like I'm generally getting on Season 5 like, 'Fun episodes, but we want to feel like 'A equals B' and they're all kind of moving, and relate to each other and don't just ignore things from the past.'"

Marder also revealed that Season 6 is currently being animated and the seventh installment is currently being written. It remains to be seen if the upcoming seasons will please fans more, but at least the showrunner seems to have listened to their opinions.