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An Alien Visits Hawkins In New Poster For Stranger Things 2

It's Alien meets Stranger Things in this new promo image for the second season of the runaway hit Netflix throwback series.

All August, the official Stranger Things Twitter account has been tweeting out posters for the new season with imagery cribbed from classic 80s movies, and this one's the most tantalizing of them all. Could extraterrestrials really be on their way to Hawkins, Indiana? Or is this only a fun tease?

It could go either way. We've already seen something nightmarish on the horizon in the trailer for the series' second season, but whether that creature is from another dimension or another world is up in the air. Not that it even matters, considering it looks like there's no way our heroes could survive whatever that thing has in store for their small town. We're looking forward to seeing how they pull it off—the show's creators have already confirmed the show will be back for season 3.

In addition to this inspired take on the classic outer space sci-fi film, the account has also tweeted out takes on The Running Man, Nightmare on Elm Streetand Stand By Me.

Stranger Things comes back on Netflix on October 27. Check out the Alien-inspired poster and the original its based off of below, and be sure to check out our feature on the underappreciated horror movies you need to watch on Netflix.