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Will Beinbrink Reveals What It's Really Like To Work With Joseph Marcell - Exclusive

Will Beinbrink has had a storied acting career dating back to the 1990s. He's appeared in a myriad of films and TV series to the point where lovers of all genres have likely seen him in something before. Most recently, audiences could find him in the likes of "Two Sentence Horror Stories," "It: Chapter Two," and "The Exorcism of God." 

That last entry pairs Beinbrink up with another reputable actor — Joseph Marcell. Beinbrink plays Father Peter Williams in "The Exorcism of God," a priest who receives acclaim after performing an exorcism despite harboring a terrible secret. Marcell portrays Father Michael Lewis, a contemporary of Williams who aids him in performing another exorcism in the modern-day. 

Marcell may be best known to viewers for playing Geoffrey Butler for all six seasons of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." In an exclusive interview with Looper, Beinbrink spoke at length of what it was like to work with Marcell and the fun they had while shooting their most recent horror flick. 

Will Beinbrink describes Joseph Marcell as a 'class act'

Will Beinbrink has been in the industry for decades, but Joseph Marcell has been around even longer than him. He has dozens of credits to his name and still regularly gets work, recently appearing in the 2020 Netflix original series "Ratched." Suffice it to say, Beinbrink found it to be an immense honor to act alongside such a venerable force, saying, "Joseph's a class act. He shows up and he's kind, he's friendly, he's professional, and he is a lot of fun. He's also very fastidious in his own way."

They had ample opportunities to get to know one another, as they spent quite a bit of time interacting off-camera, too. When describing living together in the same house, Beinbrink added, "He was up on the roof on of the house we were living in together ... And we'd run into each other at breakfast or lunch, or we'd run into each other upstairs on the roof and we'd get to have unexpected time together that I feel helped us to prepare."

But it wasn't just Beinbrink who had a blast working with Marcell. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is a popular property worldwide, so the crew loved having the actor around, as well. "The crew loved him, and the crew were so excited to meet him because I think they all grew up watching that show, especially in Latin America," Beinbrink explained. "That was one of the few major shows that was all over the world at the time that people could watch. Everyone is enamored of that show and of Geoffrey and Will Smith."

"The Exorcism of God" is now playing in select theaters and is also available on demand and for digital rental or purchase.