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Bojack Horseman Season 4 Trailer Brings Everybody Back Home

This article contains spoilers for Bojack Horseman season 3.

When last we saw Bojack Horseman, its leading man was at the start of a whole new journey, hitting the open road to wander the world in search for meaning. In the trailer for the Netflix series' fourth season, we see the whole cast moving on with their surreal lives in Hollywoo—with or without Bojack.

Teases for the new season include Mr. Peanutbutter on the campaign trail running for governor, the arrival of someone who may or may not be Bojack's illegitimate daughter, a forlorn Diane, and Todd, who is blessedly the same as he always was. 

The trailer mostly focuses on the critically-acclaimed show's supporting cast, with Bojack having not been seen for months. While the new season is likely to be as simultaneously hilarious and soul-crushing as the last three, the new direction should make the opening episodes unique. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if Bojack's search for himself leads him back to showbiz sooner rather than later.

Bojack Horseman comes back on Netflix on September 8. Til then, check out our feature on the 25 best Netflix exclusive releases.