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The Big Bang Theory Character Fans Think Experienced The Most Growth

It's a standard component of sitcoms for the characters never to experience growth. Sure, they may learn a lesson by the end of a particular episode, but by the next, they've either forgotten it or moved on to something else entirely. This has changed somewhat in recent years as sitcoms have gradually grown more serialized. Now, comedies have overarching plotlines that span entire seasons, so fans do get to see some growth over the years. 

You can see this with "The Good Place" and how Eleanor (Kristen Bell) starts the show as a selfish individual and grows to become more accepting of others. All four members of the Rose family in "Schitt's Creek" came to respect one another, which is exemplified by Alexis turning down a boatload of money in the series finale. And even "The Big Bang Theory" had its characters grow to become more socially cognizant of their actions. 

But it begs the question, which member of the "Big Bang" crew underwent the most change, according to fans?

Fans think Howard changed the most on The Big Bang Theory

Howard starts the show as a man who can barely be around women without saying something inappropriate to a doting husband and father. It's quite impressive, and while the other nerds on the show go through their own arcs, fans seem to have a soft spot for Howard's. 

Redditor u/anxiouscoconut137 wrote, "Howard's growth and generosity to his friends is my favorite. He's also so funny. I think he's my favorite on the show." Those sentiments were echoed by u/groguuuuuu, who chimed in with, "He has the best character arc on the show. He changed the most for his loved ones."

Others thought Howard remained stagnant in one area of his personality throughout the show's run. Another user wrote, "Howard made a lot of personal growth in the show. But until the end he was still a man child who never helped out with his family and wanted his wife to take care of him like his mom did." In that sense, Howard sticks with the tried-and-true sitcom formula of having characters never go through any development so that the same jokes can be mined one season after the next. 

But for the most part, everyone seems in agreement that he had a worthwhile arc throughout the show.