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The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 15 Scene Fans Couldn't Help But Love

The final season of "The Walking Dead" is a brewing powder keg of emotions, drama, and action. Besides the multitude of groups with varying objectives and drives, the characters that have long been with fans have also gone through several changes. That's to be expected, of course, because a world filled with zombies and hostile groups tends to shake up characters and personalities pretty fast. Some characters, like Ezekiel (Khary Payton), have managed to maintain the proverbial stiff upper lip and a sense of whimsy, while others, such as Maggie (Lauren Cohan), have become far more brutal and ruthless than when fans first met them.

Even characters that originally filled fans with contempt, such as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), have had redemption arcs, but that could just be because so many characters have died that there aren't many people left to root for. These days, the survivor collective known as the Commonwealth is garnering attention from longtime "Walking Dead" characters, and each one seems to have thoughts when it comes to whether or not they should be trusted. This aspect and the weariness of the Commonwealth are explored in Episode 15, "Trust," but there's one lighthearted scene cutting through the dark reality that fans can't get enough of.

Fans love Ezekiel's greeting and recovery

The scene in question involves the former leader of the Kingdom, Ezekiel. Known for his penchant for theatrics and spectacle, Ezekiel enjoys putting on a show for his friends and followers, which is probably best illustrated by his former companion, a trained tiger. Taking to Twitter in response to an official post from the "Walking Dead" account, fans are absolutely delighted by the moment that sees Ezekiel recovered from his surgery with a spring in his step, an umbrella in his hand, and a regal bow complete with a hand flourish.

In response, Twitter user @ZaiTWDSPN replied, "Khary Payton as Ezekiel always bring [sic] joy to the show. Thank you sir," while user @TumbleCreekDani added, "I'm so happy Ezekiel got the surgery and is on the mend. I'm even happier he's managed to find joy after the fall of the Kingdom, the end of his marriage and Henry's death." Twitter users @MirandaBrady94 and @IFoundThemRickG both stated that Ezekiel certainly "knows how to make an entrance," while users @sunshinesreedus and @pajamamomma69 made positive comments regarding Ezekiel's affection toward Carol (Melissa McBride). Ultimately, it seems like fans absolutely adore that Ezekiel is back on his feet and in high spirits and will watch his recent endeavor of a clandestine surgery center that operates outside of the Commonwealth's authority with bated breath.