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Morbius Post-Credits Scenes Make Even Less Sense Than We Thought

The following article contains spoilers for "Morbius."

After years of delays, "Morbius" is finally out in theaters. The film, which takes place in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, centers on Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), who's afflicted with a rare disease. In an effort to cure himself, he accidentally transforms into a living vampire, which necessitates the need for him to feed on blood. 

There was a lot riding on the film, which takes place in the same universe as the "Venom" movies while also being part of the "Spider-Man" multiverse. There were numerous questions in the lead-up to the movie's release, such as which version of Spider-Man would Morbius be familiar with. And now that the film's out, there are still plenty of questions fans have. 

Mike Ryan of Uproxx had plenty of questions of his own, and during a chat he had with "Morbius" director Daniel Espinosa, he had a chance to clear some things up, mainly when it came to the post-credits scenes. You may still scratch your head a bit by the end of it, but at least things are moderately clearer. 

Daniel Espinosa clarifies how Morbius comes to hate Spider-Man

There are two post-credits scenes in "Morbius." The first establishes how Vulture (Michael Keaton) wound up in a separate universe from the one he was introduced in. The second scene depicts a conversation between Vulture and Morbius, which has hugely sinister connotations for the franchise's future. However, some things don't add up between the teases. 

Namely, Morbius is established as a fundamentally good person who does bad things. He has no reason to hate Spider-Man, so why would he be interested in what Vulture has to say? Espinosa initially clarifies, "Vulture is not a criminal in that universe just yet." Since Vulture isn't necessarily perceived as a "bad guy" yet, Morbius might be more willing to hear him out. But that doesn't explain why he'd care about Spider-Man. Espinosa goes on to explain, "I think that's more one of those scenes that are made that when you have scenes before that in a movie comes along, that will explain that reposition."

It sounds like if Morbius were to return in "Morbius 2" or a "Sinister Six" movie, there would be a scene that sheds light on why Morbius would have a grudge against Spider-Man. Perhaps falling in with the wrong crowd is ultimately what brings Morbius from an anti-hero to a full-blown villain. But only time will tell how that would manifest, assuming Sony moves forward with its long-awaited "Sinister Six" film.