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The Worst Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune Episode According To IMDb

The mining and extraction of gold is already a tricky and involved process that requires significant investment, knowledge, and daring in even the most friendly of environments. But mining in reclusive and arctic conditions? That's an entirely different beast altogether! "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune" is a spin-off show of the popular "Gold Rush" franchise that sees seasoned veterans like Tony Beets, Fred Lewis, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, and Dustin Hurt prospect, scout, and establish new gold mining operations in freezing conditions during the gold off-season.

Considering the dangers and investment that go into gold mining, the selection of locations and the process of mining itself is an art form, especially in areas that are under a near-constant freeze. And the crew from "Gold Rush" is definitely up to the task. With the high stakes and rewards that come from gold hunting in the arctic and subarctic, "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune" has plenty of material for a riveting show. But that doesn't mean every installment has viewers gripped. Which episode is the worst, according to IMDb?

The lowest rated episode of Gold Rush: Winter's Fortunate is the premiere

Thus far, there has only been a single season of "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune" that consists of eight episodes. Ratings on IMDb are user submitted, so the results are often based on popularity with fans. As such, the lowest rated episode of "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune" is actually the premiere, titled "The Race Starts Now." The episode currently has a 5.7 out of 10 on IMDb. As established by IMDb, the rating is a weighted average and based on demographics, with the most votes coming from the 45+ age bracket.

This particular episode establishes the ground rules for this new "Gold Rush" spin-off. The experienced miners that fans have become fond of from other "Gold Rush" shows engage in several different activities in anticipation and preparation for gold mining. Tony Beets decides to invest tons of money in new equipment, while others like Dave Turin use their skills to scout out potential new locations. It could be that this episode is the lowest rated because it mostly covers ground that fans have seen before. Either way, "The Race Starts Now" received a relatively lukewarm reception from fans of the gold mining genre.