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The Best Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune Episode According To IMDb

Whenever any reality series becomes popular, a spinoff show becomes all but a certainty. And given the immense popularity of Discovery's "Gold Rush," it should come as no surprise to hear that the mining series has created numerous spinoffs over the years. In addition to various aftershows and special events, "Gold Rush" has managed to spawn the likes of "Parker's Trail," "Dave Turin's Lost Mine," and "Winter's Fortune."

That last one is a newer installment of the "Gold Rush" franchise. It debuted in July of 2021 and followed Tony Beets, Dustin Hurt, Fred Lewis, Dave Turin, and Rick Ness as they scout the upcoming 2021 gold mining season. Gold prices have soared in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they're all out to score some extra treasure.

For people who have followed "Gold Rush" for the past decade, it was must-watch television. But which episode of "Winter's Fortune" captured the imagination like no other?

A Hole Lotta Trouble is the best Winter's Fortune episode, according to IMDb

With only one season, it won't take up too much of your time to binge-watch all of "Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune." It's especially easy if you have the Discovery+ app, where you can watch all of Discovery's programming with ease. Every "Gold Rush" installment is found there, and you can join the countless people who have engaged with the mining series over the years. However, according to IMDb, one episode of "Winter's Fortune" stands out from the rest, and it's "A Hole Lotta Trouble." 

It currently stands as the highest-rated episode of the first season with a ranking of 7.4/10 with five reviews total. It's substantially more than some of the other episodes in the season, as many of them don't even crack a 7.0/10. "A Hole Lotta Trouble" centers on Dave Turin, who's hot on the trail of a massive honey hole, a space with a valued commodity, located in Idaho.

With only eight episodes out, "Winter's Fortune" makes for a quick binge-watch if you must get through all of "Gold Rush" before being satisfied. You can stream all of the series and its various spinoffs on Discovery+.