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The Atlanta Character Fans Can't Help But Love

One of the things that sets FX's "Atlanta" apart from other TV shows is the way the characters switch between comedy and drama at the drop of a hat. In one episode, a character will be arguing with a fast-food employee who refuses to hand over his Kid's Meal, then in the next episode, he'll have to sleep in a storage unit after failing to make ends meet. 

A great example of this is Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles (Brian Tyree Henry), who spends much of the show's first season cracking jokes and serving as a source of comic relief for most scenes, but in "Atlanta" Season 2, he greatly struggles with his mental health and the repercussions of his fame, playing a major part in much of the season's dramatic moments. 

The show is filled with extremely human characters who manage to capture all the laughter and heartache that we deal with so often. But without a doubt, the most beloved character in the entire "Atlanta" series is the utterly complex (and often hilarious) Darius Epps (LaKeith Stanfield).

Fans say there is plenty to love about Darius

When we first meet Darius, he's essentially the right-hand man to Paper Boi, and he immediately endears himself to fans through his bizarre philosophical statements and unique world views. Fans recently took to Reddit to praise Stanfield for his performance — and "Atlanta" creator and star Donald Glover for bringing the character to life — with many claiming that he's their favorite character in the whole series.

"Darius is such a deep, complex character and LaKeith's portrayal of him cannot be overstated." wrote u/TheBIFFALO87. Another fan, u/KylosApprentice echoed this sentiment, saying: "Donald is a genius, and LaKeith is just a great actor." Other users referenced the character's strange personality and genuinely heartwarming outlook on life as the reason they love him so much. "The man is so empathetic positive and thoughtful throughout the show," said u/brandnvsworld. "Hilariously weird too."

Another user specifically referenced a scene in Season 2 in which Darius is held at gunpoint by the insane Teddy Perkins (played by an unrecognizably made-up Glover), saying "Why Darius is my favorite – he's going to be murdered and the last thing he says to his killer is 'your dad should've said sorry.'" It's clear that fans across the internet have an incredible amount of love for Darius, and it'll be interesting to see what the character gets up to in Europe as the third season of "Atlanta" continues.