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The Real Reason Some Brand New Cherry Flavor Fans Don't Want A Second Season

When the wildly original and unabashedly weird drama "Brand New Cherry Flavor" hit Netflix in 2021, there was surprisingly little chatter about it. Truth be told, not many people are talking about it these days either, though the certified fresh (per Rotten Tomatoes), eight-episode saga has earned itself a fierce little cult following since its release. That following would likely be quick to tell anyone who's yet to check into the twisted world of "Brand New Cherry Flavor" that they're missing out on a beautifully demented head-trip of a series that often rivals the work of David Lynch for moody vibes, unsettling imagery, and ethereal oddness.

At the heart of the story is Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), a talented aspiring filmmaker who heads to Hollywood circa the 1990s in hopes of turning her electrifying short film into a major motion picture. But when a dodgy producer named Lou Burke (Eric Lange) tries to cut her out of the project, Lisa sets out on a path of vengeance that — with a little help from a truly wicked witch named Boro (Catherine Keener) — turns into a deadly waking nightmare for everyone involved.

As the "Brand New Cherry Flavor" fandom knows, that nightmare twisted and turned in genuinely shocking ways right until the season's final moments. And even though the door clearly remained open for the series to return for a second season, it seems even some of the show's biggest fans may not want one.  

Some fans don't want Brand New Cherry Flavor to continue without Catherine Keener

That topic was covered in a Reddit thread from u/SpiritedProtection13. And if you're wondering why they don't want a second season of "Brand New Cherry Flavor," it's because they can't imagine the show working sans the talent of Catherine Keener, with the Redditor first posting, "The only reason why I don't really want a second season ... is because Boro wouldn't be played by Catherine Keener anymore. She is irreplaceable in my opinion. I mean who knew you could make a 900 year old murdering witch so funny and charismatic?? She was f****** perfect."

As for Keener's character, the ever-unpredictable Boro's arc was more or less over by season's end. And it seems u/SpiritedProtection13 isn't the only user who doesn't want the show to go on in her absence, with u/unBreakingDawn stating, "This is a really, really good point. She was so incredibly perfect!" Still, u/vibratingstring savvily offered that Keener's alternate character is very much alive, and could return for a second season. They argued, "she isn't dead tho so jennifer nathans or whatever could still be a character – in fact it would be interesting to explore the idea that jennifer was watching boro the whole time and the insight a character like that could be."

And u/wOweezOwee even expounded on exactly how that return might unfold, writing, "Jennifer goes home, hazily remembering everything Boro did to her family. She finds the catastrophic remains of all that she loved. Hell yeah, I love to see Keener play a milquetoast housewife who was possessed by a demon find the inner strength to extract her revenge." Will it happen? As Netflix has yet to announce a second season of "Brand New Cherry Flavor," it's getting increasingly unlikely we'll actually get one. And that's clearly A-ok with some fans.