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Which Futurama Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Futurama" tells the story of a 20th century pizza delivery boy named Philip J. Fry, who awakens 1,000 years in the future after accidentally becoming cryogenically frozen. Once again, Fry finds himself working as a delivery boy — but now he's employed by Planet Express, a space-age outfit owned by his elderly descendant, Professor Farnsworth.

"Futurama" grew a passionate cult following that helped revive it years after its first cancelation. And now, courtesy of Hulu, it's returning once again, with its many unique characters in tow. From robots to mutants to aliens, there's a wide variety of off-the-wall folks on "Futurama," each with their own bizarre quirks. Every fan has their favorites, but which oddball are you according to the stars? Could you be the rude, crude robot Bender, or Philip J. Fry, the man out of time? Astrology has the answer. Read on to find out which "Futurama" character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Turanga Leela

Turanga Leela is a mutant who was abandoned by her parents. Her experiences have made her a daring, take-no-prisoners adventurer who fears little and second-guesses herself even less. Headstrong, willful, and determined, she's as classic an Aries as you're likely to find in fiction. When she leads the charge on Planet Express missions, piloting the ship with grace and ferocity, she makes her star sign clear.

But Leela shares Aries' weaknesses too. She's quick-tempered, easy to anger, and perhaps a little too competitive. She also has an addiction to thrills and excitement, and can be a downright reckless risk-taker. This impulsivity has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. Moreover, while she's direct and honest, this can translate into the sort of bluntness that often makes an Aries seem rude.

Like so many Aries, Leela often acts off emotion, whether it's her desire to complete a mission or her righteous sense of justice. This tendency means true clear-headedness often eludes her, which puts her into tough situations. Thankfully, Leela's got serious fighting skills, and is capable of working out just about any jam, so she rarely finds herself in over her head. Since she can rarely count on her bumbling crew to save her, she has to do it herself. Good thing Aries is used to saving everyone's bacon.

Taurus: Philip J. Fry

Fry loves living in the future, with its many hyper-advanced technologies. But he still longs for home and the many archaic comforts it provided: Ordinary sofas, microwaved mac and cheese, boom boxes, and Sir Mix-A-Lot simply can't be beat, to say nothing of how much he misses his old dog. All of this makes Fry a Taurus, the sign characterized by a dislike of change, a love of creature comforts, and a yearning for simple times.

A lover of routine, Fry is also stubborn and bull-headed — two of the most classic Taurus traits. Taureans don't like to be ordered around, especially when it means doing something new and different. They also don't like not getting their way, and will protest as loudly as possible. A man of physical pleasures, Fry finds happiness in hedonism, whether that means walking around in his underwear, subsisting on a steady diet of soap operas and Bachelor Chow, or just enjoying the shallower sights and sounds of the 31st century, like the amusement park on the moon. If you have a problem with that, he doesn't care. Taurus knows what Taurus likes, and that's enough for them.

Cancer: Kif Kroker

Though we're tempted to give the sign of the crab to Zoidberg for obvious reasons, Cancer is clearly represented by Amy Wong's alien boyfriend, Kif Kroker. Second-in-command to boorish space captain Zapp Brannigan, Kif is overly sensitive and physically delicate, with his system of fluid-filled bladders making him particularly weak. However, his lack of bones also makes him resistant to many injuries. He may be fragile, but he's also quite resilient — in short, a total Cancer. 

Both a comforter and one who seeks out comfort, Kif is there for his friends and those in need, while also needing the support of his loved ones in his endeavors. Emotional Cancer thrives off these sorts of relationships, where feelings are freely expressed and deeply felt. Often lacking in self-confidence, Kif can also be a pushover. But when someone crosses his one boundary — his loyalty to his friends — he will stand up and fight back as fiercely as anyone else. Those who insult Cancer folks learn this the hard way. Finally, Kif doesn't like upheaval and change, which is one reason he stays by Brannigan's side for so long. This flaw plagues many Cancers — but like Kif, they're entirely capable of learning to put their foot down if they set their minds to it.

Gemini: Bender

Geminis are known for being good-humored, smart, and capable of sizing people up in a jiffy. This goes double for Bender, because he can literally measure everyone he encounters: Their height, weight, pulse, pupil dilation, and even their brainwaves are an open book to him, allowing him to determine just what kind of person he's dealing with. Once he knows, he'll get what he needs from them any way he can, even if it means using his extend-o-arms to reach around and pick their pocket. 

This isn't Bender's only Gemini trait. Bender loves to talk, like so many people born under this sign, although it's mostly about himself. While his face might not be as expressive as most Geminis' open countenances, his eyes tell the whole story, whether through a shifty squint or extended bulbs that use his magnifying zoom lens to see what's happening across a crowded room. Bender also shares Gemini's insecurities, especially obvious in his fear of being alone — which leads to Fry taking up residence in his "closet" — and his fear of being unloved. He ameliorates these anxieties through his desire to be useful and appreciated for his gifts — even if he has to tell everyone about them and how great they are himself, just so he's sure he's heard.

Leo: Zapp Brannigan

Space captain Zapp Brannigan might have been our pick for Aries, were it not for his showily over-the-top nature. But that blustery egotism is so powerful, it makes him our pick for Leo instead. With his outsize personality, theatrical flair, and ruthless ambition, Zapp is a classic Leo. Despite his witless behavior, he's also quite charismatic. Leos' captivating personalities can indeed enthrall those around them with inspiring speeches, cheeky winks, and sly smiles ... even when they're sending them to certain doom, as Zapp so often does.

Zapp is also a bit of a softie, like so many aligned with this sign. He wears his heart on his sleeve: When he's hurting, you'll know it ... perhaps a little too acutely, what with his tendency to openly weep in despair at even the most minor inconveniences. He doesn't want to be alone, and seeks companionship from anyone — or anything — that will show him the deep affection he needs. This classic Leo weakness is joined by his ambition, which drives those born under the astral lion to make plenty of mistakes. Some see him as a domineering braggart of the worst kind, while others see him as a lovable buffoon. That's just how Leo rolls.

Virgo: Hermes Conrad

Hermes Conrad might be a pencil-pushing accountant, but he's also the heart and soul of Planet Express and the cog that makes the whole thing run. When the crew has a problem at the office, Hermes has the answer — even if the answer is severe cutbacks. Hermes is a problem-solver, a resourceful resource of resources, and a diligent worker who always has a trick up his sleeve to turn chaos into order. These are the marks of a Virgo, the sign best known for being orderly, fastidious, and keeping their physical spaces as tidy and well-arranged as they keep their lives.

Virgos' obsession with order often draws them to messy situations and chaotic environments. This is what makes Planet Express such a perfect home for Hermes. Disorder is the order of the day there, which makes him indispensable — something a Virgo always seeks to be. A tireless and furious worker, the only thing more frustrating to him than a mess is a lack of recognition. His position is important to him, as is his ambition to climb the corporate ladder. Virgos need the thrill of achievement, and when they don't get it, they struggle.

Libra: Amy Wong

The daughter of wealthy tycoons, Amy is a spoiled brat. But she's also a sensitive, caring, and devoted young woman, even if she can be a little flighty. This contradictory yet harmonious nature makes her a classic Libra. Shallow one moment, yet deep and contemplative the next, Libras bring balance to the world.

While she might not be as skilled as the rest of the Planet Express team, she brings loyalty, empathy, and kindness into the mix. These traits are a big part of what makes her a Libra ... as is her desire to be lauded for them. Many see Amy as little more than a vapid child, but she knows she's much more, and wants to be recognized. This knowledge translates to generosity and a kind spirit: She knows she's more than meets the eye, and extends the same assumption to those around her. This empathy makes Libras terrific mediators. 

Amy isn't quite as worldly as she leads others to believe she is, having grown up in a moneyed bubble. As such, she also shares a Libra's desire for excitement and adventure. Amy is always looking for some new, thrilling experience to embark upon, to the point that she can be a bit reckless. Thankfully, her Libran insight always guides her back home.

Scorpio: Mom

Our pick for Scorpio, the most enigmatic sign, is the industrialist and tech tycoon known as Mom, aka Carol Miller. She's the CEO and founder of MomCorp, the mega-corporation that seemingly runs most of the world's businesses in the 31st century. She's also the cruel creator of the Earth's many robots, including Bender. A keen observer, Mom has found many ways to manipulate people and events, crafting an infinite web that brings her endless power and control. But in spite of all she's built for herself, she is lonely and resentful, and harbors a bitter hatred for her former lover, Hubert J. Farnsworth.

Essentially, Mom is the worst case scenario for Scorpios. This clever, secretive sign has keen insight into the people around them and charisma to spare, but can be prone to deep unhappiness. Mom deals with this sadness by becoming even more isolated and vicious, eschewing friends and lovers entirely. She wants little more than to destroy her enemies, and inflict as much pain as possible while she does it. It's easy for those born under this sign to fall into this hole, where the world seems like an incurably dog-eat-dog place. But take heart, Scorpio: You're probably not a corporate despot who basically rules the world. Keep hold of Mom's brilliance, but make sure to let your guard down every once in a while.

Sagittarius: Dr. Zoidberg

Dr. Zoidberg (first name John) is the illogically-assigned medical professional of Planet Express. Though he's always ready with the wrong diagnosis, he's still a lovable, endearing crab-man. He's also a Sagittarius, driven by that sign's insatiable hunger for knowledge — even if he frequently gets what he learns extremely wrong. Zoidberg's infectious optimism and hopelessly romantic nature also similarly Sagittarian traits: The archer is one of the most worldly signs of the zodiac, eager to embark upon as many adventures as possible. This wanderlust is what led Zoidberg to Earth in the first place.

But Sagittarius is much more than a knowledge-seeker and freedom lover. This sign is represented by the half-horse, half-man centaur, which Zoidberg's half-crustacean, half-human form recalls. He's also burdened by his independent nature, as so many Sagittarians are, especially when it manifests as purely emotional spontaneity. Every time he becomes overwhelmed and scuttles off in a cacophony of blubbering nonsense, he's embodying this sign's biggest flaw. But above all, Zoidberg is Sagittarius at its best: Intelligent, kind, and open to new experiences, even the weird ones.

Capricorn: Lord Nibbler

Leela's three-eyed bipedal pet, Nibbler has an insatiable appetite, often swallowing animals many times larger than himself whole. Later in the series, we discover there's much more than meets the eye when it comes to Nibbler: He's actually a member of an ancient cosmic race called Nibblonians who have existed since nearly (and we mean just nearly) the dawn of time. Lord Nibbler has been tasked by his people with protecting and guiding the fate of Philip J. Fry, for the wayward 20th century man is critical to the survival of the universe. He's our pick for Capricorn, because the sign of the sea goat (which Nibbler would likely eat) is said to be a collector of responsibility, often feeling the weight of the entire world on their shoulders.

Capricorns are intensely devoted and loyal, as Nibbler is to the Planet Express crew. He's willing to do anything to protect them — and the universe — even if it means wiping their memories of his true nature. Dutiful and committed to his centuries-long mission, he has pushed aside all other selfish causes to ensure Fry's survival, and by extension, the safety of the cosmos. Like so many Capricorns, Nibbler is also humble, giving no thought to being admired or lauded for his work. He's happy to play the role of house pet if it gets the job done.

Aquarius: Professor Farnsworth

A distant descendant of Philip J. Fry who is nevertheless much older than the 20th century transplant, doddering Professor Farnsworth is a genius and a charming old fool. Despite his massive intellect, Farnsworth is incredibly naïve and unaware of some of the simplest day-to-day facts. Whether this is a result of old age or just the way he is remains anyone's guess. He's also a firm believer in things larger than himself, and is drawn to esoteric scientific concepts. This puts him firmly in Aquarius territory. This sign's belief in the larger, stranger, and even quasi-spiritual aspects of the cosmos is ironclad.

Aquarius believes in humanity, just as Farnsworth does. This belief can take some odd forms, as when Farnsworth clones himself to attempt some improvements, creating the teenaged Cubert. This is also part of his Aquarian nature, as this sign is, to put it simply, odd. From bizarre inventions like the smell-o-scope to his basketball team of atomic supermen, Farnsworth embodies this trait in full. Above all things, however, Aquarius seeks unending experimentation, treating their life as one big science experiment. For Farnsworth, that trait has literal meaning: He once took his own brain out of his head, just to see what would happen.

Pisces: Planet Express ship

The Planet Express ship was designed and built by Professor Farnsworth, and uses a highly experimental dark matter accelerator. This engine does not move the ship — it moves the entire universe around it. It also has its own personality, which comes to the fore in "Love and Rocket," when Farnsworth gives the ship a major upgrade. This includes a new personality, complete with an alluring female voice Bender finds enticing. Eventually, the two begin dating. The ship becomes obsessed with her new "boyfriend," while Bender just wants to be left alone.

All of this makes the Planet Express ship a classic Pisces. Obsessively romantic and prone to fantasy — in this case, the fantasy that she and Bender are destined to be together forever — Pisces has trouble maintaining boundaries. This often manifests as insecurity and a desire for validation, but it also makes Pisces imaginative and free-thinking. Pisces wants to dissolve and transcend their own limitations — something incredibly possible for the Planet Express Ship, as she can exist within an artificial world of her own programming. But Pisces is also prone to creating their own sorrow, and can be drawn to self-defeating situations. This is evident in the ship's impossible attraction to the heartless Bender, which is doomed from the beginning.