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The Best Time Will Ferrell Broke Character On SNL

Will Ferrell must be made of sterner stuff than the average comedian. Beyond being just plain funny, the man became a legend on "Saturday Night Live" for his ability to stay in character even while his co-stars all fell like a house of cards. Oftentimes, it was Ferrell's own antics that made them crack in the first place. For example, in "Short Shorts for the USA," Ferrell's character attends a business meeting in nothing but a thong and a tank top. And while his co-stars all found themselves cracking up (extra credit belongs to Amy Poehler, who barely kept it together even while she had his junk resting on her shoulders), the half-dressed Ferrell remained totally stoic.

It takes a certain iron will to appear on live TV dressed as close to naked as the law allows and yet still show no signs of shame or amusement. However, even Ferrell has had moments where a sketch causes him to break character. It's rare, but it happens. But the best time he broke character on "SNL," it didn't play out the way you might expect.

Will Ferrell cracks up at the ridiculous Dr. Poop

The break in question occurs in the sketch "Dr. Beaman's Office: Test Results." This isn't the first time fans have seen Dr. Beaman, who is one of Will Ferrell's recurring characters on "SNL." Just seeing the ridiculously rude and incompetent doctor invites opportunities for laughter, as Beaman insults the visitors sitting across from him with little regard for their outraged responses. The two parents — played by Chris Parnell and Molly Shannon — are there to receive test results for their newborn baby, who has been in Beaman's custody for the past week.

Beaman dodges the question until the couple demands a direct answer, at which point he finally admits that their son is ... a witch. Claiming that there's nothing he can do, he brings in a fellow medical professional, Dr. Steven Poop (Tim Meadows), to help handle the matter. Unfortunately, Dr. Poop cannot help them, instead showing off his breakdancing skills by doing the robot.

It's at this point that Ferrell breaks character. Upon saying his next line, he can barely keep in his laughter. The man never so much as smirks during most sketches, but in the presence of Dr. Poop, even legends may fall. Before he can continue, Ferrell lets out a small smirk, and he has to cover his mouth before finishing the sentence. It may not be a major, gut-busting break, but considering his track record, it's certainly one of the most memorable slips in Ferrell's comedic "SNL" performances.