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Will Beinbrink Chooses The Most Challenging Scene To Film In The Exorcism Of God - Exclusive

Horror isn't an easy genre to step into for any actor. They must be able to harness the power of true, utter terror in a convincing way, almost getting the audience to mimic their reactions to what haunting things transpire around them. However, actor Will Beinbrink has mastered it, appearing in numerous horrific titles over the years, including but not limited to "Two Sentence Horror Stories" and "It: Chapter Two."

Beinbrink's most recent venture into the macabre takes the form of "The Exorcism of God" where he plays Father Peter Williams, a priest who's earned acclaim for performing an exorcism many years ago; however, he harbors a secret that threatens to undo everything he's accomplished.

Father Williams is not your average horror film protagonist. He's not simply there to get spooked by whatever pops out from around the corner. He has agency, and his actions have bearing on the plot. But it wasn't all just a walk in the park. In an exclusive interview with Looper, Beinbrink spoke about some of the more challenging aspects of shooting the movie, including the most difficult scenes to film.

The exorcism scenes featured a number of challenges

As one might expect from a film called "The Exorcism of God," there are a decent number of exorcism scenes featured throughout the movie. And those pivotal moments are precisely the ones actor Will Beinbrink had trouble getting a good handle on. As he explained in detail during the interview, "For one, I'm speaking in Spanish and then I'm speaking in English and then I'm speaking in Latin, and I'm doing that all while all these fairly crazy experiences are happening." Beinbrink doesn't get into spoilers, but suffice to say, some pretty odd things transpire throughout these sequences that only added to the demands of him.

Audiences can likely tell from even the first exorcism scene in the movie that they required a fair amount of work to create. And the fact director Alejandro Hidalgo wanted more and more from the actors only added to the difficulty. Beinbrink went on to say, "[Hidalgo] kept wanting more from me and María Gabriela de Faría [who plays Esperanza], when we're in those scenes, to keep bringing more and more intensity. We're doing it at 3:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the morning and it's fairly exhausting ... This character's beaten down, so I'm going to push myself to be beaten down as much as possible."

The end result is a terrifying sequence of events that captivates the audience's attention. It's impossible to look away, and that's why Beinbrink is so good at what he does. 

"The Exorcism of God" is now playing in theaters.