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The Strange Problem The Stunt Coordinator Encountered On Cobra Kai

Given the high amount of punching, kicking, and occasional prop destruction applied in the now four seasons of "Cobra Kai," it makes sense that a dedicated stunt team is on hand to make sure it all looks legit. Well, as legit as a show about competing karate schools can look, of course. Crammed with heavily rehearsed sequences that make up either big high school brawls or montages to get you excited, this cast has been put through their paces, but the journey doing so has been a strange one for all those involved.

Now (and no disrespect to any senseis involved), but this show isn't boasting the cinematic scraps of the likes of "The Raid," or some other intense, action-packed entry. These are kids, after all. Fresh-faced quick learners that have spent four years learning how to pass off getting punched in the face. It's a complex craft to master, but a minor issue compared to one hurdle the stunt team wasn't anticipating to cross when it came to the extended story in "The Karate Kid" franchise.

Some of the cast were doing better than they should've been while in training for Cobra Kai

In a show that's all about learning the ancient art of karate, "Cobra Kai" surprisingly had some fast learners in its cast that had to slow down for the benefit of the show. Speaking to The Beat, stunt coordinator Hiro Koda revealed that some of the cast were picking things up quickly, and in turn, faster than their should've been at their stage in training.

"They were all-new from the beginning, and they [were] learning martial arts on the show as they were progressing," Koda recalled when teaching the stars from opposing schools. "The difficult part was some of them got very good, very quickly, and we had to hold them back and say, 'Well, you can't be that good yet. You've got to kind of slow it down a little bit and not look as good.'" While it may have caused some issues during production, it's good to know that there are some star pupils in "Cobra Kai" that may have some advanced tricks up their sleeves for future seasons of Netflix's beloved show. Here's just hoping they still remember it all whenever it comes around.