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It Director Explains Why Stephen King Wasn't Involved With The New Movie

Stephen King didn't have anything to do with the upcoming movie adaptation of It, except for, you know, writing the book it's based upon.

A few weeks back, the master of horror told Variety that he was never asked to help with the film, and director Andy Muschietti (Mama) explained the reason to Collider in a recently published interview from a set visit last year.

"I'm very happy making an adaptation, my interpretation of the story, and I would be thrilled to meet Stephen King, but there comes a time in the process where you start feeling good with your interpretation of it, and your contribution to the story, and it doesn't feel like I want to discuss my ideas with him, you know?," Muschietti said. "I don't know. It feels like something that I would be embarrassed to tell him, you know? 'Your words and your moments don't work,' right? [laughs]"

He's got a point. At this point, the story of It (originally published as a novel in 1986) is basically postmodern folklore, and Muschietti doesn't necessarily need King's approval when it comes to his own vision. Besides, King adaptations typically do better when King isn't involved. Despite writing the stories behind movies like Carrie, The Shining, Stand By Me, Misery, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Dark Tower, King has only been a producer for a handful of projects, primarily TV miniseries.

For what it's worth, King said he's seen Muschietti's It, and he said it's "fabulous." 

We'll get to see for ourselves when the movie hits theaters on Sept. 8. Until then, find out why the actor who plays Pennywise looks so familiar.