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The Worst Episode Of Grace And Frankie According To IMDB

"Grace and Frankie" has been a major hit for Netflix and will conclude its seventh and final season as one of the streamer's most popular original offerings. Case in point: at 94 episodes, it will be Netflix's longest-running original series to date.

The show revolves around reluctant roommates Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Lily Tomlin), who move in together in the wake of their husband's announcement that they're leaving the women behind to enter into a marriage of their own. Grace and Frankie collectively battle against stereotypes about aging and their capabilities to stay independent and create a business. Though their children have their misgivings, and Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) have their own struggles, the women do their best to move on and make their own way in the world, even though they've never gotten along previously. Grace and Frankie subsequently have had their ups, their downs, and their just-plain weird days. Along the way, they develop a strong devotion to one another.

And the show's fans have developed a strong devotion to the series itself. But even the strongest show has its weak spot, and IMDb fans have definitely pinpointed one when it comes to "Grace and Frankie." 

The Alternative is the show's only major low

Serving as the show's 5th season finale, "The Alternative" gives viewers a glimpse of what life would look like for Grace and Frankie if they never developed a friendship after their divorces. Judging from the episode's IMDb rating, that's a world that fans of the show would rather not explore. It sits at a 6.6/10 on the website as of press time, making it the lowest-rated episode of the entire series and, in fact, the only "Grace and Frankie" episode listed there to dip below a 7.0.

In this version of reality — imagined by Grace and Frankie after they have a big fight — Frankie has become a purple dreadlock-sporting bum. She lives with Robert and Sol at the beach house, but neither of them wants her hanging around. Grace, meanwhile, has gotten a heavy amount of plastic surgery and become a trophy wife to Jack (George Hamilton). Grace is incredibly unhappy with her status and yearns for more. The two women still don't get along, but their dream-sparring wakes them both up to the fact that they don't want to be estranged in the waking world. They make up, but Frankie learns that Grace has married her boyfriend Nick (Peter Gallagher). That leaves the women's future as roommates uncertain as the 5th season concludes.

While "what if?" episodes can be a treat, it's never a ton of fun to watch the women be mean to each other. "The Alternative" flattens out their characterizations into one-note stereotypes which helps make it the worst outing of the whole series.