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The Moon Knight Episode 1 Fight Scene That MCU Fans Are Absolutely Loving

Warning: "Moon Knight" spoilers ahead.

The end of March finally brings Marvel Cinematic Universe fans the series premiere of "Moon Knight" on Disney+. The MCU's newest miniseries introduces Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a British museum gift shop employee, and Marc Spector, a mercenary guided by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu: both men occupy the same body and grow aware of one another as a conspiracy unfolds involving a villainous cult leader named Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and his cult's mission related to the Egyptian goddess Ammit.

In the first episode of "Moon Knight," Steven interprets his experiences waking up during Marc's missions as awful nightmares, although he misses a date and appears to sleep for multiple days during that time. When Steven finds a cell phone in his apartment that belongs to Marc and not him, though, he starts to doubt his own grasp on reality and is ultimately confronted by Harrow and his followers at the Egyptian museum he works at. Marc reveals himself to Steven in the episode's closing minutes, saving them both from a monstrous dog-like creature by summoning his suit and becoming Moon Knight, giving fans their first full glimpse at the superhero's costume in live-action.

"Moon Knight" holds positive reviews from critics and fans alike so far, who have embraced the MCU show's compelling blend of action, horror, and humorous elements. This unique tone is present in every scene, but there's one particularly funny action moment that fans are already raving about. 

MCU fans on Reddit praised Moon Knight's cupcake fight scene

MCU fans online took to discussing the premiere episode of "Moon Knight," entitled "The Goldfish Problem," nearly as soon as the series started streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday. One particular sequence — in which Steven Grant abruptly finds himself transported to a different country when he falls asleep — features Steven stealing a cupcake truck as he's chased by Harrow's hitmen through winding highways. Steven, who does not have any real fighting experience, has to improvise, leading him to smash a cupcake in one villain's face just before he blacks out again — whereupon he wakes up with a gun in his hand, demonstrating how his counterpart, Marc Spector, took care of the problem in a more lethal manner.

Redditor u/airbagged took to the MCU-related community r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers to share their thoughts on the series premiere, complimenting Isaac and Hawke's performances as series leads. "The "black out" scenes are a really creative way to do the violence without lavishing in it. Also the cupcake fight scene LOL."

Steven's moment of cupcake-related heroism seems to have struck a positive note with fans early on, as an example of the series' threading the line between grim violence and comedy. In response to u/airbagged, another Redditor named u/TheMysticLeviathan promptly agreed it was a hilarious moment, while u/PsychoticBlobfish wrote "I was NOT prepared to see Oscar Isaac smash a cupcake into a dude's face." Of course, other fans used this cupcake smash as a way to poke fun at Kevin Feige's assertions that "Moon Knight" would be more brutal than previous MCU shows.

Marvel's "Moon Knight" airs on Disney+ on Wednesdays now through May 4.