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The Most Cringeworthy Scene In Moon Knight Episode 1 According To Fans

The first episode of Marvel's newest miniseries "Moon Knight" is now available on Disney+, and thus far the series' inaugural episode has received a remarkable amount of praise from fans and critics alike. Polygon contributor Joshua Rivera responded to the first episode by saying it was "everything [he] wanted from a Marvel Cinematic Universe show since they kicked off on Disney Plus with 'WandaVision,'" and AV Club's Manuel Betancourt said that he is "hopeful that 'Moon Knight' can keep the promise of what's on display" in the series' incredible first episode.

Fans are similarly impressed with the series, as evidenced by the astounding 92% Audience Score the show currently holds on Rotten Tomatoes, based on over 400 unique reviews as of writing. Similarly, users on Reddit have been sounding off about the episode ever since it aired, with many specifically praising the episode's story and the performance of lead actor Oscar Isaac. However, there's one particular scene that fans say is incredibly cringeworthy — so much so that it made some viewers physically uncomfortable to watch.

Many fans found the episode's opening scene very difficult to watch

The premiere episode, titled "The Goldfish Problem," opens with a short scene wherein the series' primary villain, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), smashes a glass cup and then places the broken shards of glass in his shoes. Harrow then proceeds to walk around in the glass-filled shoes for seemingly no reason. Many fans on Reddit seemed to find the scene incredibly cringeworthy — mainly due to how agonizingly painful the shoes must be.

"Holy crap, this opening made me wince," wrote u/3luejays. "I know they didn't have the actor actually put their feet on broken glass," echoed u/raisethecurtain. "but I still cringed with every part of my body when they started walking." Other users were similarly disturbed by the scene, and some even pointed out that (disgustingly) you can still hear the crunch of Harrow's glass shoes in another scene later. "You can [also] hear the glass when he was walking in the crowd," wrote u/Rynoxmc2. "Let's just say I was disturbed the entire time." 

While the opening scene for the first episode of "Moon Knight" is undeniably cringeworthy, as fans sympathetically imagine how painful glass-filled shoes must be, the initial sequence definitely does a great job of establishing just how menacing a character Harrow truly is.