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Elodie Yung Reveals Elektra's Defenders Fate

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Defenders.

We know that Daredevil (Charlie Cox) survived the explosion at Midland Circle, but did Elektra? If Elodie Yung, the actress who plays her, is correct, then yes, she did. Yung talked about Elektra's fate post-The Defenders in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealing that she thinks the assassin lived through the building's fiery destruction.

"From my understanding, I'm still alive," Yung said, although she did counter by saying that she doesn't have full knowledge of what's going on. "You know, they gave me this potion to bring me back to life, so that's my understanding of it, but really I have no clue."

Elektra went through quite the journey in The Defenders, and it looks like Yung did too, beginning with the character's bloody resurrection scene. Yung says she shot that herself rather than using a stunt double, saying, "I felt I needed to go through the pain and to be put in this coffin with blood." 

Yung says that they filmed the scene in one take, with her putting things in her ears and staying under the fake blood for three or four seconds before a tap on the sarcophagus told her to come up. "But that's one of the joys of doing something like this," she joked. "You don't do this every day, and I'm down for this type of thing. It's an experience, you know?"

The actress said she wanted the scene to make Elektra seem "like a foal, like an animal who was just born out of the mother's womb." "I wanted her to not be able to stand up immediately," she said. "The recovery is quite fast, and she learns specific skills quite quickly, but I wanted this progression of being an animal and then just transforming and learning skills and remembering who she was."

Elektra's journey from newborn to killer hits a peak when she murders Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver). While it's unusual for the show's big bad not to make it past the sixth of eight episodes, Yung said she was very excited to see Elektra step up and take things into her own hands like that. "I just got really excited by this idea that although you know that now she's this weapon and she's been trained, she doesn't have a side," she said. "I like that she's a free spirit and she's just her own woman, her own self, and when it comes down to the love of her life, she still has this instinct where she wants to protect Matthew, and this is where it comes out."

It may seem a little strange that Yung saw Elektra's new mission as protecting Matt, considering the beating she doled out in the final scene. However, the actress says she sees Elektra's mission as a twisted way of trying to live forever with her love. "She wants to find him because she wants him to live forever the same way she lives forever," she said. "It has to be accomplished through death, but it's a bit like, 'See you on the other side.'"

If Elektra really is alive, there's quite a lot more story to tell for her and Matt, a story that could spill over into Daredevil season three, which should start filming later this year. While we wait to learn more about the character's fate, see some Easter eggs you may have missed in The Defenders.