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Erin Reagan's Worst Moment In Blue Bloods Season 6

You can't be in a high-pressure job with life-or-death stakes and expect to be perfect all the time. Because of that, the characters in "Blue Bloods" routinely make mistakes that make us question their methods. The Reagans are in jobs that put them in some of the most dangerous and grave positions, which means we have been able to see plenty of moments they wish they could forget.

For Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), she is a brilliant and capable attorney in the New York District Attorney's Office. She rose through the ranks by being tenacious and hungry. She doesn't shy away from a fight (because no Reagan ever would) and never compromises on her morals. Like the rest of her family, she is dedicated to her craft and using it to make the city as safe as it could be.

Also, like her family, she isn't above reproach, as her hereditary "Reagan-ness" can cause her to be hot-headed, impulsive, and reckless. Lucky for her, she has been able to use these traits to come out on top of any situation. She is not alone in the "Reagan-ness," as Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) tends to do the same as a detective. He walks the tightrope between right and wrong to ensure he brings criminals to justice. This aspect of realism makes the series so relatable and successful. In one episode of Season 6, Erin jumps on the line and uses it to cross the gap between conviction and acquittal, precariously balancing herself in the process. Here is her worst moment in Season 6 of "Blue Bloods."

She scares a witness into being bait

As an Assistant District Attorney, Erin Reagan has one job — convict criminals and keep them off the streets. She takes that job seriously, and sometimes maybe too seriously. In Season 6, Episode 21, "The Extra Mile," she is prosecuting a murder trial when her star witness, Willis Stratton (Brandon Gill), backs out of his testimony.

Reagan sends her investigator, Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa), to find the young man, and she threatens to force him to testify. She tells him that he will be held in contempt of court and jailed if he doesn't testify. Willis responds that a cell is better than a coffin. He knows if he testifies, the gang will kill him. Erin calls his bluff and puts him in jail, in the cell right next to the person he is supposed to testify against. Anthony believes this is harsh and threatens to tender his resignation, as he doesn't want to be involved with that kind of behavior. Erin then shows him a tape of the murderer threatening Willis, saying he will kill him the same way he killed the other man. This tape gets the conviction without using the testimony. Knowing there was a plan all along, this makes Anthony feel better, and he stays.

However, these tactics showed a very real coldness to Erin Reagan. She put the young man's life on the line and forced him to risk everything to get what she wanted. All is well that ends well, but Reagans fight against these corrupt, strong-arm tactics throughout the series. This was a moment Erin may not talk about around the Reagan dinner table.