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Will Beinbrink On What Attracted Him To His Role In The Exorcism Of God - Exclusive

In Will Beinbrink's latest movie, he's here to put the fear of God in you. 

"The Exorcism of God" follows Father Peter Williams (Beinbrink), who's done a lot of great work in a central American town over the years. However, throughout that time, he's also harbored a terrible secret, one that could threaten his standing within the church if it were to ever get out. Even when he does consider seeking forgiveness for his sins, he refrains because he could be up for a major role at the Vatican. Unfortunately, his past comes to haunt him in more ways than one when he's once again called to perform an exorcism with a demon he has a history with. 

It's a juicy role, and don't expect Beinbrink to be another average horror protagonist in this film. As the actor said in an exclusive interview with Looper, there were aspects of the character that drew him to the part, and he knew upon reading the script he had to be part of this project.

Will Beinbrink enjoyed the 'interesting concept' of The Exorcism of God

There were really two factors that convinced Will Beinbrink that this was a project worth his time and effort. The first was the script and the concept behind the film, which takes cues from other exorcism films but morphs into an entirely different beast. It all leads to a shocking finale, and while we won't get into spoilers here, it's something that astonished Beinbrink when he first came across it. "I had, one, never seen a movie that has that ending or that final scene where it's literally the title, and also the intense amount of sequences that Father Peter had and that he had to do that all the while dealing with his own inner conflict and battle his own inner demons," he explained. "I thought that was an interesting concept."

That leads nicely into the second component that convinced Beinbrink to take on the role. The character of Father Peter Williams himself was so different from the usual catalog of horror movie protagonists that he had to portray him. He stated, "I often feel like a lot of these leads in horror movies are just there and they fight what they need to fight, but they don't have a dark back history that ties into the story and somehow then propels the story farther forward, and I thought that was interesting." It all translates to the screen, making for one of the most intriguing additions to Beinbrink's filmography.

"The Exorcism of God" is now playing in select theaters and is available on demand and for digital rental or purchase.