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The Underrated Rick And Morty Character Fans Want To See More Of

The hilarious animated television series "Rick and Morty" blends several different elements of science-fiction, literature, philosophy, and pop culture into an exceptionally well-received show. When Rick and Morty aren't busy lampooning everything from politics to the meaning of life, they are often joined by an impressive supporting cast that is generally just as crazy as the titular characters, but for far different reasons.

Joining the shenanigans of Rick and Morty (both voiced by Justin Roiland) are fellow family members Jerry (Chris Parnell), Summer (Spencer Grammer), and Beth Smith (Sarah Chalke). Outside of the Smith family are characters like the shape-changing Squanchy (Tom Kenny), Rick's best friend Birdperson (Dan Harmon), and even Rick's sentient car (Kari Wahlgren). Currently in Season 5, "Rick and Morty" has had completely bonkers stories that have involved discontinued dipping sauces, alternate dimensions for children, an evil Morty bent on breaking through the central finite curve, and even a heist plotline that was designed to undermine heist plotlines. With so many different characters and stories in "Rick and Morty," which is one character that fans of the show want to see much more of in the future?

Fans are enjoying the spotlight on Summer and want to see more

Converging on Reddit, user NiklausElijah started the conversation by stating, "Summer has really become one of my favorite characters [and] I like that a lot of her stories balance crazy adventures with a bit more grounded family stuff. I always knew the show would include her more since the end shot of the intro has her in the car, [it's] nice to see happen." Reddit user kai-pie also agreed, and replied, "Oh she's an absolute beast I love her mix of character being a younger Beth but also influenced by Rick and his nihilism especially after the episode where she finds out Beth almost aborted her. Like Summer is by far my favorite character she's such a kick a** female character."

Reddit user 360Entertainment also echoed these sentiments, and says that the character of Summer has quickly become of their favorite characters, especially the episodes where the focus is on her. Reddit user m48a5_patton quoted the episode where Summer is being protected by Rick's car by saying that we need to "keep Summer safe," while Reddit user enii_r believes that Summer is perfectly balanced between both Rick and Morty's personalities. Reddit user jigsawsmurf stated that even though Summer isn't the focal point of the first episode, they believe Summer had the best and most memorable lines of the pilot. Considering that Summer has been featured much more prominently in Season 5, with her temporarily usurping Morty in the family hierarchy when it comes to giant combat ferrets, or when Summer and Morty go for a joy-ride in Rick's car, it seems like fans are certainly digging the growing character development of Sum-sum.