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The Jerry Scene That Went Too Far In Rick And Morty

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's Adult Swim creation "Rick and Morty" has been the subject of great love over the years, as well as incredible discourse (via The Independent). Rick Sanchez (voiced by Roiland) is a nihilistic and sometimes cruel figure whose antics cause the family continual strife. But strangely enough, he is not the worst character to circulate in the series. Rick can be insensitive, and he's involved in dismantling an entire way of life in one episode of "Rick and Morty." But no matter how much he puts the family in dire straits, Rick's actions still do not compare to the crimes of Jerry Smith (Chris Parnell).

As the father of Morty (also voiced by Roiland) and Summer (Spencer Grammer), Jerry is very incompetent, and he makes some of the worst mistakes in the show. In fact, in one of the more shocking moments of "Rick and Morty," Jerry's negligence results in the suffocation of an innocent alien. But even this scene does not compare to the moment where Jerry arguably becomes irredeemable.

Jerry tells his rebound girlfriend that Morty and Summer are to blame for their breakup

Season 3 of "Rick and Morty" is the time when Jerry is the most lost. After two seasons of teetering on the precipice of divorce, Beth (Sarah Chalke) and Jerry finally decide to call it quits. This results in Jerry struggling to find his place in the world while living out of a motel. However, things seem to look up when he starts to date the alien warrior Keara (Jennifer Hale). Jerry receives many perks from this relationship, such as being temporarily telekinetic, but it soon becomes clear that Jerry and Keara are not compatible. But instead of breaking up with Keara like an adult, Jerry decides to blame it on his children, telling Keara that Morty and Summer want the relationship to end, not him. This then leads Keara to come after Jerry's children and attempt to kill them.

In any other circumstance, this would be a normal action for Jerry to take. He is consistently cowardly and inconsiderate, always preferring to take the easy way out. But in this case, he goes a step too far, as he is endangering the lives of his children. Even when Keara is strangling Summer, Jerry is reluctant to tell the truth. He states that he's "not an evil person," but being willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for his own selfishness is the worst thing he ever does. In this one moment of "Rick and Morty," Jerry would almost rather let a near-stranger kill his own children if it means he doesn't have to have a difficult conversation.