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How The Original Dexter Finale Should Have Ended According To Fans

In the aftermath of the final episode of "Dexter: New Blood," fans of "Dexter" were left disappointed once again. One of the main reasons that viewers were at odds with the finale was because it was another rehash of the disappointing finale from the original series. After eight seasons of following Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) through near misses and murders, fans weren't shy about sharing how they really felt about the ending. One of the most egregious crimes was the death of Dexter's foster sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). Deb struggles with coming to terms with the fact that her brother is a serial killer, and that she also happens to have romantic feelings for him.

And still, after all of that, she is killed unceremoniously which causes Dexter to abandon his family. He has no ties to Rita's (Julie Benz) children Astor and Cody, and sends Harrison off with his girlfriend Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). Instead of caring for any members of his family, Dexter fakes his own death and lives a life as a lumberjack. This was not a satisfying conclusion to the popular show and if fans had their way, there is one significant moment that they would change.

Fans would not separate Harrison from his siblings

There are many changes that fans would make, but there is a glaring issue that they have found with Dexter's character. Fans on Reddit were mostly disappointed with where Dexter left Harrison. Instead of leaving Harrison to be raised by Hannah, some agreed that he should have gone with his siblings Astor and Cody who were living a comfortable life with their grandparents.

"The biggest shame about Season 8 is with one small change the ending wouldn't have been great but it would have made sense," posted u/TheUltimatenerd05. "Dexter leaves Harrison with Astor and Cody. Because of course he would. Dexter's the person that felt so betrayed by Harry taking his brother away he would make sure Harrison is still with his siblings." The Redditor goes on to say not only does it make the most sense, but is the best thing for Harrison. Instead of being on the run with Hannah in South America, he would be with a mostly intact family that would take care of and love him.

"My two biggest complaints are leaving Harrison with Hannah and not with his real grandparents and his real (half) siblings," agreed u/Good_angel_bad_wings. Had Dexter left Harrison with his family, he would not have had the disastrous upbringing revealed in "Dexter: New Blood." Harrison's life was essentially ruined by not growing up in a normal household and he follows in his father's murderous footsteps because of it.