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Why The Dexter: New Blood Finale Has Fans So Fed Up

When Showtime first announced it was doing a "Dexter" revival, longtime fans of the drama series thought they'd finally be getting an ending they deserved following that atrocious send-off from 2013's Season 8. Nearly a decade later, the "Dexter" finale is still considered one of the worst in television history (via TVLine). So, there's no possible way that "Dexter: New Blood" could have done any worse, right? Well, judging from fan reaction on Twitter and IMDb, that's exactly what appears to have happened.

"I'm convinced they only brought #DexterNewBlood back to hurt us all over again," tweeted @JackievsTony after watching the "New Blood" finale. "I'm so disappointed," @faarrrrraah said, adding, "F*** you writers." One tweet from January 8 — which declared, "'Dexter' Season 8 ending > 'New Blood' ending" — managed to garner 1.6K likes. "Didn't think they could make a worse ending than Season 8, but they definitely did," replied user @firecreekpetro

In the end, there were several things that people took issue with after watching the "New Blood" finale on Sunday, January 9.

Fans say the New Blood finale felt rushed and not well-written

The general consensus for the "Dexter: New Blood" finale, "Sins of the Father," is that viewers felt extremely rushed throughout the final episode and that its plot just didn't make any sense. Case in point: Angela Bishop's (Julia Jones) discovery of Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) secret past as a serial killer. 

"After everything Dexter's been through, you're gonna tell me he got busted by a small-town cop using Google and a f****** podcast," wrote Twitter user @faarrrrraah. "And lol, I didn't know M99 magically changes to ketamine after eight years," they added. 

User @AdamCOrtiz said, "That finale was bull****! 1) The evidence that Angela had against dexter was totally circumstantial. There was no way to link him to the BHB. 2) Dexter killing Logan the way he did is COMPLETELY out of character for Dexter. He would of [sic] never did that." Their tweet was liked more than 1,000 times. Elsewhere, @secularist85 wrote, "What makes #DexterNewBloodFinale so bad is Angela is such a bad cop that she couldn't solve a missing person case in her own town (without help from #Dexter) but somehow we are suppose [sic] to believe that she got him on a single murder. The writers must think we are idiots."

In addition to Angela's discovery, another really big issue that fans had with the "New Blood" finale was Harrison's (Jack Alcott) decision to kill Dexter. "Harrison killing his dad because of a coach he hardly knew?!" seethed Twitter user @vanessamelend15. "Killing Logan and then Harrison wanting to kill him? Trash," tweeted @MagicalMasshole, who also declared, "That was worse than the lumberjack finale."

As of January 11, Episode 10 of "New Blood" is sitting with a 4.5 IMDb rating with more than 2,000 votes submitted. In comparison, every other episode is above an 8.5.