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The Moon Knight Episode 3 Scene That Went Too Far

Warning: this article contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 3.

It's safe to say that after this week's episode of "Moon Knight," things are officially starting to get weird. Following an epic showdown with Anton Mogart (the late Gaspard Ulliel), and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) pledging his impending victory to a former master, Disney+'s "Moon Knight" is going wild in all of the best ways. Although, with that said, this episode features one scene that may have gone way over the top where Oscar Isaac's top-tier performance as the title character is concerned.

After three weeks in, the "Dune" star has done an incredible job helping acclimate us to Steven Grant and Marc Spector's world by seamlessly portraying them both. The fight at Mogart's, in particular, is a stand-out moment that demonstrates Isaac's excellent skill of shifting between timid and terrifying depending on how he's suited up. However, when it comes to letting a more divine presence take the wheel this week, it leads to a tonally off and frankly hilarious encounter with Khonshu that maybe could've used some reworking.

Was Oscar Isaac's performance as Khonshu really something to shout about?

During the meeting of avatars and their godly keepers, Marc and his alter Steven are given an audience with the god Ra and company, only for Harrow and Ammit to turn up as well. Tension is understandably high, but for some reason, Khonshu is the only one unable to keep his cool, proceeding to bellow through the entire conversation. Out of every god-wielding avatar present, he's the only one shouting louder than everyone else, and it begs the question of what Khonshu turned up to 11 is supposed to convey.

For the past three episodes, there's no denying that it's a lot of fun seeing Isaac switch between his church mouse Londoner and the worn-down mercenary that made a deal with a god. Their conversations bring more laughs than anything, which suggests that this may be the exact direction Isaac's time as Khonshu is headed for. Seeing him switch to god mode and back during his talk with Harrow verges on hilarious, but is it intentional? Or is the objective instead perhaps to show the moon god enraged at the poor treatment he's getting? If so, this scene doesn't really have the desired effect. 

Hopefully, the beaky power from the great beyond will calm down a bit in future episodes, or at least in time for "Moon Knight" to return to Disney+ next week.