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The Worst Mistake That Amy Ever Made On Futurama

It doesn't take very many episodes of "Futurama" to realize that, in some way or another, the Planet Express crew sucks. Each of these terminal jerkwads are ill-fortuned or self-destructive in some way. They're definitely not the kind of people you would want to be, from the pathetic failure that is Dr. Zoidberg to the reprehensible scamp that is Bender. At best, you can hope to be the milquetoast Scruffy, the janitor. Or, if you only want to be mildly psychotic (and filthy rich to boot), you could be Amy Wong, the Professor's lab intern and heir to the Wong corporate dynasty.

Amy may be somewhat well-adjusted — and so rich that her parents own the entirety of Mars — but we should caution that it's only in relative terms. Amy is far from perfect, with a clumsy streak a mile wide and the naivety of a toddler born with a jewel-encrusted silver spoon in her mouth. She, like anyone else from Planet Express, makes mistakes like Darth Vader makes breathing noises: constantly.

The worst mistake she ever made on "Futurama," however, is surprisingly relatable despite the show's over-the-top nature.

Breaking up with Kif was the dumbest thing Amy ever did

Over the course of "Futurama," Amy has been through a lot with Kif Kroker, the timid green alien who would eventually become her spouse (or as they call it, Fonfon Ru). The two dated, got "married," and even had kids who still live as tadpoles in a lake on Kif's homeworld. That's why it seems utterly dumb that she would ever jeopardize her relationship with Kif. However, that's exactly what she did in "Proposition Infinity."

Unfortunately, one of Amy's flaws is that she is a bit of a flirt. While she never actually cheated on Kif while they were together, her flirtatious nature around bad boys did frustrate him to the point of breaking up with her. After this, Amy becomes embroiled in a heavy-metal love affair with Bender, going so far as to fight for the legalization of "robosexual" marriages. Of course, monogamy has never been Bender's thing, and he leaves Amy almost as quickly as they got together. 

Heartbroken beyond belief, Amy seems doomed to a life of loneliness — that is, until Kif comes back with a new bad-boy persona to win her heart. At the end, the two ride off into the distance together. But in all honesty, things would have been better if she had just stuck with Kif from the beginning, rather than playing around with bad boys and messing with his heart.