Every Moon Knight Villain Ranked From Worst To Best

As popular as the MCU has become, the massive reality of Marvel Comics is still filled with hundreds of interesting characters that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have yet to meet. For the most part, the MCU's movies and television series have offered name-brand heroes and villains. That's slowly changing, as the MCU is beginning to diver even deeper, exploring new stories and less popular heroes such as "Moon Knight" on Disney+.

The Oscar Isaac-starring series focuses on a former mercenary turned vigilante named Marc Spector, who the Egyptian god Khonshu has chosen to represent him on Earth. Using his wealth and technological prowess, Moon Knight fights against crime. Pretty much since his 1975 inception, the character has drawn comparisons with DC's Batman, although Spector does have access to a few superpowers at certain times. But like the Dark Knight, this Marvel hero largely relies on his detective skills, martial arts training, and advanced technology to get the better of his enemies.

Over the last 45-plus years of Marvel Comics, those villains have come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Moon Knight has fought everyone from supernatural supervillains with incredible powers to evil mercenaries who just want to cause destruction. Many are exclusive to the "Moon Knight" comics, yet others are villains who have drifted into the storylines of other Marvel characters. Below is a ranking of every single Moon Knight foe, and how they stack up.

25. Commodore Planet

Commodore Planet is a villain with a rather mysterious and unknown origin. In the comics, it is revealed that he was subject to some sort of experiment that gave him increased strength and made him resistant to damage. Exactly who was responsible for this is never revealed and Donald Planet enters the fray with his powers already in place. First hired as a henchman to destroy evidence that could prove damaging to a local crime boss, he is stopped by Moon Knight while attempting to blow up a taxi.

In a later story, the villain was seen attempting to smuggle guns, transporting them around on a submarine. He was stopped by Iron Fist and Power Man but was able to escape after a short fight despite being soundly beaten when he was attacked by Iron Fist. The character has only appeared in a few issues of Marvel Comics, was never really an inspiring or popular character, and only fought Moon Knight a single time.

24. The Seekers

The Seekers are a team of villains best known for battling with the Avengers, and Iron Man in particular. The group is made up of Grasp, Sonic, and Chain, three individuals who were previously part of AIM. Dissatisfied with the direction of AIM, they set out on their own and began to terrorize Spider-Woman as they tried to collect a government bounty placed on her head.

The three members each have their own powers and weapons. Chain has an energy-based chain that he can use as a whip to attack opponents, Grasp has massive gauntlets that he can shoot at enemies to trap them, and Sonic has an energy blaster that can be fired from his chest. The group also has armor similar to that worn by Iron Man, even though it is not nearly as powerful or sophisticated.

Much later in their history, The Seekers joined forces with the Secret Empire and were ordered to help Midnight in his own mission. This brought them into direct confrontation with Moon Knight, who was able to beat them with the assistance of allies that included Spider-Man and Punisher.

23. Crossfire

Crossfire is the alter ego of a former CIA agent known as William Cross. The character turned to a life of crime after learning all he could about the murky criminal underworld while working with the government agency. Soon afterward, he was involved in an explosion that left him partially blind and almost completely deaf. To compensate, he implanted himself with cybernetic enhancements.

Realizing that the various superheroes posed a threat to his newly-formed criminal empire, Crossfire set about trying to eliminate them. Two of his main targets were Moon Knight and Hawkeye, although he has also come into conflict with other characters during his history, such as Captain America. Moon Knight had previously worked with Crossfire when he was in the CIA, although the villain did not know that he was actually Marc Spector.

Possessing a formidable knowledge of espionage, Crossfire is an expert planner known for his ability to take into account lots of different variables while organizing his schemes. Yet, he is not a massive threat by himself, as he does not have any superpowers or abilities.

22. Arthur Harrow

Dr. Arthur Harrow could not be said to be anything but a minor character in the "Moon Knight” comics. He made his first and only appearance in 1985's  "Moon Knight Vol 2 2," and yet plays an integral role in the Disney+ series, where he is portrayed by actor Ethan Hawke. Harrow features prominently as a major antagonist that Isaac's Spector battles against. While he will become familiar to fans thanks to this increased visibility, the villain is not someone who stands out in the comics as a worthy foe.

In the comic, Harrow is depicted as a genius researcher and highly-regarded surgeon when he comes to the attention of Dr. Victoria Grail. She believes that the experiments he has been performing are unethical and illegal, prompting her to expose him. He has a medical condition known as trigeminal neuralgia — something that leaves him in agony throughout his day-to-day life. During his tests to try and develop an immunity to pain, the doctor essentially tortures his unwilling participants. He ultimately escapes justice at the hands of Moon Knight, although his lack of impact can be seen in the way that the character never returns.

21. Jester

Jester has been a fairly common name for multiple supervillains in Marvel Comics, but the only one that Moon Knight has fought is Jonathan Powers. An aspiring actor who was unable to find work, he soon developed an intense hatred for a society that he believed had shunned him. Unable to cope with not getting the acting roles he thought he deserved, he turned to a life of crime. His schemes generally see him attempting to embarrass or bring down the local government, although at one point he was briefly possessed by a demon.

For plenty of reasons, Jester is a somewhat insubstantial Moon Knight villain. The pair have only encountered each other once, as the character is more commonly associated with Daredevil and Spider-Man. He also has an uninspired costume, which looks like some sort of cross between an outfit worn by a court jester and Kang the Conqueror. The villain doesn't even pose much of a threat as he possesses no superpowers, even though he is a skilled swordsman and gymnast.

20. Bullseye

Bullseye is a former mercenary and expert marksman. With no superpowers, he relies on a deadly accuracy that allows him to hit nearly any target with pinpoint accuracy. This also gives him the ability to turn practically any object into a weapon, throwing household items with precision to fatally injure his opponents.

Such skills have made him a challenging villain for even the most powerful Marvel heroes. Perhaps the most striking thing about Bullseye, though, is that he is not motivated by greed or lust for power. Instead, he simply wants to show the world that he is the best shot, unrivaled among his peers.

Bullseye is a great villain and among the most memorable in Marvel Comics, but that doesn't necessarily make him a great Moon Knight villain. The two have only crossed paths a few times, after all, and he is better known as an enemy of Daredevil (Colin Farrell played him in Ben Affleck's 2003 flick), the Punisher, and Elektra. 

19. The Committee

Technically, the Committee is not a single villain. Instead, it is a little-known criminal organization made up of influential and important figures. A secret and mysterious group, the Committee is largely composed of political leaders and unscrupulous businessmen who are prepared to use extreme measures to get what they want and ensure they remain in power. Working in the background, they try to influence major events and dealings to maximize profits.

Moon Knight first encountered the Committee when he was contracted by them to capture Werewolf by Night. He was paid $10,000 to bring the villain to the group, but soon turned against them when their true intentions became clear. Working with Werewolf by Night and various other heroes, Moon Knight has fought a seemingly never-ending battle against the organization in an attempt to topple it permanently.

The Committee has become a frequent adversary for both Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night, appearing in some 19 comics in total. While they don't have any superpowers or impressive costumes, the shadowy organization is quite formidable, often causing problems by hiring other villains to carry out their nefarious plans.

18. The Zodiac

The Zodiac is another group of individual bad guys rather than one single villain. What helps them stand out, though, is that each member of The Zodiac could be considered a proper supervillain in their own right. Every member of the Zodiac Cartel is modeled upon one of the 12 signs of the astrological zodiac. Each of them utilizes advanced technology to provide abilities and powers that are inspired by the likes of Aries, Pisces, Leo, and Taurus.

This original group only lasted a short amount of time before they were effectively disbanded following a battle with the Avengers. Jacob Fury took inspiration from the organization to create a new version of The Zodiac made up entirely of Life Model Decoys — sentient, futuristic androids that are capable of causing mass destruction. They battled against Moon Knight when he was working with the Defenders.

While working as one cohesive unit, The Zodiac can be a daunting enemy to take on. They are also a distinctive set of villains, using an idea that has rarely been explored in such a manner. Unfortunately, their limited appearances in Marvel Comics — and the fact that they are not really a Moon Knight-specific villain — puts them near the bottom of the rankings.

17. Seth Phalkon

Seth Phalkon is one of Moon Knight's oddest enemies, and one who has been around since the early 1990s. He was part of a secretive Scottish group of the Knights Templars and was tasked with keeping the Hellbent — a group of powerful beings created when early man bred with ancient Elder races — safe and hidden away from civilization. Phalkon betrayed that cause and unleashed some of the Hellbent in his own personal quest for power. This brought him to New York, as he attempted to kill the remaining Knights Templar.

As a member of the sect, Phalkon has a range of powers. He is effectively immortal and cannot die of old age. The villain also possesses enhanced strength, endurance, and stamina compared to ordinary humans. Perhaps his most deadly ability, though, lies in his claw-like fingers, which can drain the life force out of anyone he touches. The effects of this power significantly age the victim and can even leave them as a fleshless skeleton. However, those who are related to Phalkon are immune to this power, and it is revealed that Moon Knight is a descendant of the villain, making the fights between them more on more equal footing.

16. The Profile

The Profile is a figure who works with the Committee to forcefully convert Moon Knight from a hero into an assassin that will do the bidding of the criminal organization. Acting as something of a consultant, he carefully studied Marc Spector and provided information to the group about how they could break the hero and persuade him to join their cause. He would later help The Hood in a similar fashion, providing them with advice on how they could capture Moon Knight.

His main power is an ability to instantly read a person and discover a huge amount of information about their personality and traits. Using this data, he can accurately determine how they will behave in certain situations and model their reactions, giving those who acquire the information an advantage over their enemies. Exactly how he does this is unknown, with some suggesting it is perhaps an ability mutant in origin. Whatever the case, he is an enigmatic and powerful villain who does not rely on brute strength or technology to overcome his opponents.

15. Stained Glass Scarlet

Stained Glass Scarlet is another villain who has been around since the early 1980s. She made her first appearance in 1981's "Moon Knight" #14 and became a somewhat regular foe, appearing in a total of 12 comics. Like many bad guys, Scarlet Fasinera had a troubled childhood and this is perhaps the driving force behind her becoming a villain. Abused by her father for years, Scarlet gained vengeance by killing him, but the trauma didn't stop there. She would later suffer more loss when her husband and son were killed under tragic circumstances.

Initially, Stained Glass Scarlet did not have any superpowers. Yet, she still proved to be a dangerous enemy thanks to her martial arts proficiency and keen marksmanship. She also shared a mysterious psychic bond with Moon Knight, communicating with him through dream-like messages. The character was later killed and resurrected, gaining the power to manipulate and control shards of glass. Even though Stained Glass Scarlet has been a powerful foe, she is more of a vigilante and anti-hero than a genuine villain.

14. Count Nefaria

Before he was a supervillain, Luchino Nefaria was a businessman and noble who had amassed a huge fortune. Yet, he desired more power and money, with his needs becoming an obsession. With few legitimate ways to increase his influence, he joined the crime family known as The Maggia — a mafia-like organization who were associated with various supervillains. This brought him into conflict with heroes such as the Avengers and Moon Knight as they attempted to stop The Maggia from carrying out their dastardly schemes.

What makes Count Nefaria such a great villain is his sheer power. His story in Marvel Comics begins with him being a brilliant but ordinary human, blessed with a genius level of intelligence. Things changed when he was exposed to an experiment that gave him the combined and amplified powers of several heroes. This made him one of the strongest characters on Earth and almost completely invulnerable to damage. During Avengers #166, he is even able to withstand hits from Thor's hammer Mjolnir without taking any damage.

Combined with his criminal connections through The Maggia and his own personal fortune, Count Nefaria is one of the toughest foes that Moon Knight has ever faced. However, his interactions with Moon Knight have been rather limited, and he is more of a threat to the Marvel universe at large.

13. Midnight Man

Midnight Man began life as master art thief Anton Mogart, a man known for stealing priceless treasures from around the world. He acquired his villainous name of Midnight Man for carrying out his crimes in the middle of the night, often as the clock struck 12. Despite the fact that he only appeared in four "Moon Knight" comics, he does play a significant role in the history of the character as one of his earliest enemies. This is perhaps why the villain has been rumored to appear in the Disney+ series, although his role in the MCU has been thrown into doubt following the tragic passing of actor Gaspard Ulliel in early 2022.

After being defeated by Moon Knight during their first encounter, he ended up being carried into New York's sewer system, where he was seriously injured by the toxic waste. He escaped but found that he had lost his home and ill-gotten gains. Mogart then focused his attention on killing Moon Knight, as he blamed the hero for what had happened to him. Ultimately, he seemed to die after one final fight with Moon Knight, but did show he was able to almost equal Spector in a fight and plan out difficult heists with ease.

12. Black Spectre

Black Spectre is a war veteran who returned home from Vietnam to discover his life had been torn apart in his absence. Known as Carson Knowles in his civilian persona, Black Spectre found that his wife had ended their relationship and his son died in a tragic accident, leaving him struggling to carry on. The last straw comes when he discovers that he no longer has a job and is left unemployed. With little support from the government, Knowles turns to crime to exact revenge on New York City and a citizenry who has shunned him.

His first appearance came in 1982's "Moon Knight" #25, making Black Spectre one of the earliest villains that Moon Knight has battled. In total, he has made nine appearances in the comics and has tried to do everything from becoming mayor of New York to stealing Stark nanotechnology. Yet, he has no superpowers and relies on his intrinsic ability to organize and plan to carry out his schemes. Despite being a thorn in Moon Knight's side semi-regularly, he has never posed much of a threat to the vigilante and is not particularly memorable.

11. The Human Fly

The Human Fly is another common name within the world of Marvel Comics, with multiple characters taking on the mantle. When it comes to the villains of Moon Knight, however, the character in question is Richard Deacon. He's a man who is found in New York City and often comes into conflict with heroes who also call the city their home, including both Spider-Man and Moon Knight.

Deacon is a criminal who has operated outside of the law almost his entire life. During one encounter, he was fatally wounded during a kidnap attempt and found himself at the lab of Harlan Stillwell, a notable scientist. Close to death, Deacon forced Stillwell to not only save his life but use his research into superpowers to alter his human DNA, mixing it with the genetics of a common housefly.

This experiment resulted in The Human Fly gaining superhuman strength, stamina, reflexes, and an ability to cling to surfaces like the insect. While he has an impressive array of abilities and a long history of battling heroes, The Human Fly is probably better known as a Spider-Man villain than a foe of Moon Knight.

10. Midnight

This villain has a strikingly similar name to another Moon Knight foe, and that's no mere coincidence. Midnight is actually the son of Midnight Man, taking up the mantle after he was trained by his dying father. As the son of Anton Mogart, Jeffrey Wilde sought out Moon Knight, but rather than fighting the hero he joined him as an unwanted sidekick, in a way of rehabilitating himself and abandoning the life of crime he inherited from Midnight Man. His heightened emotional state and impulsive nature put him in trouble, however, and he was mortally injured and captured by the Secret Empire despite the efforts of Moon Knight and Spider-Man.

This group is an affiliate of HYDRA and enhanced Midnight with cyborg implants and parts. This brought him under their control, and he became a villain determined to kill Moon Knight. Before this transformation, Midnight was already a formidable foe thanks to his fighting skills. However, the technology used to augment his abilities gave him rocket-powered feet to effectively give him the power of flight and intense lasers that he can shoot from his body. The enhancements also made him far stronger and more durable than any ordinary human, making him one of Moon Knight's more powerful villains.

9. Bora

Bora is a mutant who was born with the name Anzhela Federova. Her powers slowly manifested over the course of her childhood, eventually reaching their height when she turned 18. This also coincided with a dramatic growth spurt that led to Bora becoming more than seven feet tall. Unfortunately, that also put an end to her dream of being a ballerina, something she had been training for since her youth.

With her dreams ruined, Federova took on the name Bora and started a rampage of fury over her life being stolen from her. Filled with anger and hatred, she became a threat to those around her, especially when she harnessed the ability to summon freezing cold arctic winds. This quickly brought her to the attention of Moon Knight – who she was able to defeat and leave seriously injured.

Fortunately, Moon Knight was able to defeat Bora when the X-Men and Fantastic Four came to his aid. However, Bora continued to be a menace in New York City, where she battled against Spider-Man, until the Decimation event in "House of Me" removed her powers.

8. Killer Shrike

There are actually two Killer Shrikes in the world of Marvel Comics, although only one of them is actually an enemy of Moon Knight. First appearing in 1977, Simon Maddicks took on the name Killer Shrike after becoming a mercenary upon leaving the US Army. He soon joined the Roxxon Oil Company and carried out black ops for the organization. The group also put Maddicks through a series of procedures to augment his natural abilities, giving him enhanced strength, agility, and endurance. He is even capable of flying, thanks to an anti-gravity generator implanted into his spine.

Killer Shrike is one of many mercenaries that Moon Knight has battled, but stands out for a number of reasons. Chief among them is his very distinctive appearance, with the villain having a vibrant purple-colored costume and long blonde hair that shoots out of the top of his mask. Readers have not had the chance to see him take on the vigilante hero all that often but when he does, it is usually a spectacle.

7. Deadzone

John DeZoan, better known by his villainous alias of Deadzone, is a career criminal who was set to be executed in prison for his crimes. Just as the power surged through the electric chair he was strapped to, Moon Knight broke into the prison on another mission. This cut the power to the chair and led to a freak accident that gave him multiple electrical-based powers. The villain also utilizes an electric whip and a variety of throwable weapons to fight against his enemies.

Believing he is on a religious mission to punish sinners, Deadzone attacked various people in the hope of handing out his own form of justice. This brought him to the attention of Moon Knight. Thanks to his increased speed and newly-found abilities, he was able to best Moon Knight several times before the hero was forced to work together with the villain Tombstone. They were able to incapacitate Deadzone and hand him over to the authorities. By then, however, Deadzone had demonstrated he had the skills and potential to defeat Moon Knight.

6. Raoul Bushman

Raoul Bushman is one of Moon Knight's greatest enemies, and someone who has been battling against the hero since the very beginning. He made his debut in 1980's "Moon Knight" #1, where he worked as a mercenary with Marc Spector in Sudan. Known for his sadistic and senseless violence, he turned Spector away from him after mercilessly killing several archaeologists who had discovered priceless Egyptian gold. He viciously beat Spector and left him for dead, with the character only surviving thanks to the intervention of the god Khonshu.

Under his new name of Moon Knight, Spector was able to defeat Bushman and later even kill the mercenary, leading to his resurrection by The Hood. 

While he has never had all that much success against Moon Knight, Bushman has proven to be one of the most popular and frequent enemies of the character, appearing in dozens of comics and even fighting evildoers alongside the likes of Black Widow in other Marvel comics. The villain is also a savage killer who thinks nothing of wiping out entire villages of innocent civilians and is a master of guerrilla warfare.

5. Werewolf By Night

Werewolf by Night actually predates Moon Knight, with the character first appearing in his titular comic series in 1972. It wasn't until 1975 that Moon Knight would make his debut appearance in "Werewolf by Night" #32. This makes Werewolf by Night the first foe that Moon Knight fought, and the two have developed an intense dynamic over the years, often coming into conflict with each other.

Originally called Jack Russell, he is a relative of the famous werewolf Gregor Russoff and acquired his werewolf mutation through his family. However, Russell does not have to wait until a full moon to transform and can actually turn into his beast form at any time. This has a number of advantages and allows him to keep his human intelligence and emotions, although this is not the case when he is forced to transform whenever there is a full moon.

Werewolf by Night is a fairly popular character himself, having appeared alongside such heroes as Captain America and Iron Man. Yet, he has had a constant rivalry with Moon Knight that makes him an adversary, if not technically all that much of a villain.

4. Taskmaster

Most people probably would not think of Taskmaster when discussing Moon Knight villains. The character is more closely associated with the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. He is also one of Marvel Comics' better-known villains (particularly since his/her live action debut in 2021's "Black Widow"), but the truth is that he had a high-profile battle with Moon Knight following the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act.

The villain signed up on the side of the government, admittedly with some reservation, and was contracted by the Committee to hunt down Moon Knight. The pair fought and Spector was ultimately able to overcome him, thanks to some unexpected help from his friends. Moon Knight would later track him down at the Committee's headquarters, where he was defeated yet again and forced to give up his pursuit of the hero.

What makes Taskmaster such a great villain is that he isn't exclusive to the "Moon Knight" comics. He has established himself as an important character within Marvel Comics and is a threat to anyone he comes up against. This is largely due to his photographic memory, which gives him the ability to replicate any fighting style instantaneously. He is even able to go toe-to-toe with super-powered heroes by mimicking their signature moves.

3. Morpheus

Morpheus is a villain from Marvel Comics who is also known by the name Robert Markham. Infected by a previously unknown virus, he suffered from an inability of his DNA to replicate properly. Seeking the help of Dr. Peter Alraune, Markham was given an experimental drug that caused horrific mutations in his DNA, drastically altering his appearance and removing the need for the character to sleep.

This had several unforeseen consequences. The lack of sleep drives Morpheus to insanity, and he intends to punish those who allowed him to get into this position. It also allows him to utilize a psionic power known as ebon energy, which builds up in Markham because he doesn't sleep. Using this power he can project protective shields and attack his enemies with blasts of energy. Even more terrifying is his penchant for manipulating people through their dreams.

While Morpheus only appeared in some seven comics, he made a lasting impression on readers, and has become known as one of Moon Knight's best villains. His unique abilities and interesting backstory ensure that he stands out from the crowd, especially among Moon Knight's many villains.

2. Shadowknight

Like all good villains, Shadowknight has a deep personal connection to Moon Knight — making their rivalry all the more intense. Officially known as Randall Spector, Shadowknight is the younger brother of Marc Spector. As you might expect, this means that he shares many of the basic skills and abilities of his brother. He also has something called lunar treatments — chemical enhancements that give him superpowers in the form of extra strength and durability.

Ignored and rejected by the Egyptian god Khonshu after witnessing his brother being chosen to become Moon Knight, he developed a crazed resentment of Marc. His only goal in life was to kill his brother and effectively replace him as the representative of Khonshu on Earth. With the help of Nephthys, he worked tirelessly to bring Moon Knight into the open so he could attack him. These plans have had varying success, but Shadowknight has almost killed Moon Knight on several occasions. This, combined with his relationship with the hero, makes him one of the best villains in the "Moon Knight” comics.

1. Moon Shade

Moon Shade is the product of an evil version of Adam Warlock, known as Magnus. This variant created Moon Shade in "Infinity War" #3 and was responsible for unleashing him upon the world. Essentially, he is an evil version of Moon Knight, tasked with destroying Earth's heroes as they fought in the Infinity War.

During the battle, he and a doppelgänger of Franklin Richards attempted to drain the powers of the real Richards. This plan was ultimately foiled by Moon Knight, but Moon Shade was able to escape and found that he now had the ability to absorb powers from other individuals. Chasing Moon Knight across the multiverse, he systematically killed and soaked up the essence of almost every version of Moon Knight.

As a variant of Moon Knight, Moon Shade has all the same basic powers and abilities as the hero. Yet, his lack of morals and savage nature means that he is more willing to commit truly horrendous acts to get what he wants. As he absorbs the different versions of Moon Knight from each universe, he also slowly becomes stronger and more terrifying. That is why he can be considered the best villain from the series, as he posed a real and major threat to Moon Knight's very existence, showing what the hero could become.