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The Worst Thing Wendy Did In Ozark Season 4 Part 1 According To Fans

After four seasons of heinous crimes, not a single character in "Ozark" has been left with their hands completely clean. From the youngest to the oldest, the money laundering scheme of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) has routinely dealt cruel punishments out to even the most unsuspecting of victims. While many people who watched the pilot episode of the series probably thought they recognized archetypical villains in the drug cartel, by now it should seem obvious they were actually looking in the wrong place.

In fact, if one "Ozark"-centered Reddit discussion is to be believed, the most dangerous characters in this series also happen to be the protagonists. Not only has Marty repeatedly proven himself to be a most duplicitous fiend, he has also seen fit to force anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with him to become involved as well. This most notably includes (but, sadly, is not limited to) Marty's wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), and both of their young children, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner).

However, despite the fact that each member of the Byrde family has more than a few skeletons in their respective closets, one particular member of the Byrde household is repeatedly called out online for her cruelty. Equipped with her charm and comforting smile, who would ever suspect Wendy of doing anything wrong?

Wendy was willing to send her own son to prison

Although most viewers would probably agree that Wendy's descent into cruelty began long ago, much of the "Ozark" Reddit community found one particular scene in Season 4, Part 1 especially triggering. In a post-episode discussion thread, a sizable majority of fans zeroed in on Wendy's actions in Season 4, Episode 6 ("Sangre Sobre Todo") as one of her worst moments. 

As per usual, this season features other characters doing all manner of terrible things. Once again, these crimes include, but are not limited to murders and bombings. However, Wendy's betrayal of Jonah would seem to be the thing that bothered fans most. Although we're not exactly clear how this moment compares with the time Wendy turned her mentally ill brother over to the cartel to be murdered, Reddit users were still quite unhappy with her.

U/mentallyguitared said, "Putting a flag on her own son is not something I had on my 'What is Wendy capable of?' bingo card this season." Of course, this user is referring to a scene in which Wendy sabotages Jonah's money laundering scheme and alerts the police of his actions. Perhaps most shockingly, Wendy justifies her betrayal by saying that she would ensure he would not spend any significant time in prison. "She's capable of doing anything when the moment demands it, and will justify it to herself later one way or another," U/InvisibleFriends said, after also noting, "This bi*** can rationalize anything to herself..."

While the jury is still out on the identity of the cruelest character in "Ozark," these Reddit users clearly view Wendy as a strong contender.

"Ozark" Season 4, Part 2, the final seven episodes of the series, will be released on Netflix on April 29.